Juice Fasting and Detoxification

This is a description of the 2010 Group Juice Fast. I have left it up on the website to act as a guide for anybody who want to do the Ejuva cleanse and needs some guidelines etc. I am not currently selling the Ejuva cleanse but it is available to anybody for a discounted price from www.rawlife.com.


 The Detox and Juicefast takes four weeks, and it works best when undertaken as recommended, but it can be adapted to meet individual needs and schedules. 


Why do a Detox and Juice-Fast?

    • The Juice-Fast promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

    • The Juice-Fast breaks down excess fat reserves, while mobilizing and eliminating stored toxins. 

    • Juice Fasting results in a slower metabolic rate, more efficient protein production, an improved immune system, and a balancing of hormones. Human Growth Hormone is released more frequently during a fast. Basically, we feel rejuvenated and we live longer! 

    • The Juice-Fast induces appropriate weight loss - minimal for some and major for others, all with little to no hunger. Stomach size shrinks while fasting, therefore after the fast you will be satisfied by less food.

    • The Juice-Fast often provides ease or permanent relief from painful chronic symptoms such as asthma, hay fever, allergies, inflammatory symptoms (such as arthritis), swelling of abdomen or ankles and chronic aches and pains. 

    • The Juice-Fast reduces high blood pressure, high cholesterol, abnormal blood sugar levels, etc... During detox the body's energy transfers from endless digestion to cleaning and repairing itself, as it is naturally designed to do.

    • Skin, eyes and hair appear bright and shiny. Enthusiasm and positivity regarding life circumstance and decision-making is enhanced. Emotional obstacles can be released. 

White Flower

Proper cleansing is one of the most powerful and proactive preventative measures you can take for your health. The ancient wisdom traditions of the world have all understood the value of cleansing, detoxification and periodic fasting.     

This cleanse is very reasonably priced in that it significantly counteracts disease tendencies, and therefore it pays for itself, both through the prevention of future healthcare costs and because it replaces 42 solid meals with cheaper juice-meals.
This juicefast and detox represents, in my opinion, one of the best designed detoxification systems. It utilizes traditional herbal approaches to cleansing and detoxification from Europe, China and North and South America. In addition it incorporates the many advances made in detoxification therapy by great natural Healing practitioners like Bernard Jensen, Norman Walker, Paavo airola, Gabriel Cousens and Peter Ragnar. This enables the cleanse to be well tolerated whilst continuing to work and function in the world. 


    Learn how your body responds through gentle yet powerful detoxification practices; it will be a rewarding journey!


What you need to have -  to do the Juicefast

This list is short and sweet, but  important:
  •   The Inspiration to Do IT!
  •    No Applicable Contraindications
  •    A Commitment
  •   A Juicer
  •   The Ejuva Cleanse

What you will get - to do the Group Juicefast

  • The Ejuva Cleanse consisting of six products and an instructional CD
  • Access to a biweekly teleconference call
  • Access to a google group for support, to answer any questions and to share experiences, insights, recipes, etc.
  • Phone and email access to Adam Atman should problems arise

The Detox and Juicefast takes 4 weeks. The Ejuva products are made from fresh ingredients when orders are received, so as to avoid loss of vitality in the products from long storage. Because of this it takes 7 days from the time the order is placed until you receive the Ejuva products. Once you receive the products you can start the cleanse.

The extended support services will be available until July 15, 
so you must sign up between now and May 23 at the latest - to receive the support products and start the cleanse by June 01, unless other arrangements have been made.  

                         wild garlic flowers 

Read below for more information:


Table of Contents

  1. The Benefits of a Juice Fast

  2. Prior to cleansing: A precautionary note

  3. Required Materials for the Group Juice Fast

  4. Contraindications

  5. The Importance of Commitment

  6. How to Sign Up

  7. Getting the Ejuva Cleanse Products

  8. How to use the Ejuva Cleanse Products

  9. You need a Juicer!

  10. Why Juice Fasting?

  11. Quotes from experts on why Juice Fasting Works

  12. How the Ejuva Cleanse Works

  13. Week 1 of the Cleanse

  14. Week 2 of the Cleanse

  15. Week 3 of the Cleanse

  16. Week 4 - The True Juice Fast

  17. Ejuva product ingredients

  18. Common misconceptions about fasting, and other FAQs

  19. Protein Concerns

  20. Fatigue, discomfort and other classic symptoms of detoxification

  21. Periodic Fasting - Doing what the Animals Do

  22. Healing Crisis

  23. Hunger Concerns

  24. Vitamin Supplement Concerns

  25. Too Thin or Too Fat, Weight Loss Concerns

  26. I know my body - I don’t think I can go without food

  27. Won’t I feel weak?  I’m too weak to do a juice fast!

  28. I’m just too busy to do a juice fast

  29. Can I stay Active on a Juice Fast?

  30. When to Juice

  31. How much Juice to Drink

  32. What to Juice - Recipes

  33. Possible Detoxification Symptoms of the Juice Fast

  34. Normal Physiological Changes which may occur while juice fasting

  35. Activities which support the Juice Fast

  36. How to Conclude the Juice Fast

  37. Typical Allergy and Sensitivity–Causing Foods

  38. The Spiritual Benefit of Fasting

  39. A Message about the Juice Fast from Liz Rymland 

  40. Donation Opportunities

The Benefits of a Juice-Fast

  1. The Juice-Fast breaks down excess fat reserves, and mobilizes and eliminates stored toxins. Juice Fasting results in a slower metabolic rate, more efficient protein production, an improved immune system, and a balancing of hormones. Human Growth Hormone is released more frequently during a fast. Basically, we feel rejuvenated and we live longer! 

  2. The Juice-Fast induces appropriate weight loss - minimal for some and major for others, all with little to no hunger. Stomach size shrinks while fasting, therefore after the fast you will be satisfied by less food (but by living longer you get to eat more of it!)

  3. The Juice-Fast often provides ease or permanent relief from painful chronic symptoms such as asthma, hay fever, allergies, inflammatory symptoms (such as arthritis), chronic back aches and swelling of abdomen or ankles. it reduces high blood pressure, high cholesterol, abnormal blood sugar levels, etc... During detox the body's energy transfers from endless digestion to cleaning and repairing itself, as it is naturally designed to do.

  4. The Juice-Fast promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Skin, eyes and hair appear bright and shiny. Enthusiasm and positivity regarding life circumstance and decision-making is enhanced. Emotional obstacles can be released. 

  5. The Juice-Fast promotes a healthy life-style by overcoming addictions, and generally moves the whole spectrum of life-style choices towards the more refined end. People regularly give up or restrict use of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and pain killers after fasting and detoxification

  6. The Juice-Fast gives the digestive system a rest. The EJUVA products contribute to clearing accumulations (product of undigested food!) and provide an opportunity to maintain healthy intestinal flora. All of which enhance absorption of nutrients, resulting in improved digestion after the juice fast.

  7. The Juice-Fast increases sensitivity and enthusiasm for wholesome health-promoting life decisions, including which foods to buy and eat. You will find yourself desiring more organic raw juicy fruit, salads, nuts and seeds and the company of nurturing people!

  8. The Juice-Fast promotes spiritual health. Fasting has been used by every major religion and all shamanic cultures to heal body and mind. Spiritual health means a strong will and enthusiasm for healthy living and lifestyle.
this section was adapted from the work of Dao at www.suradetox.com



Prior to commencing the 2010 group Detox and Juice-Fast: A precautionary note

These notes were originally written for forty participants who did a ten day fast together in 2006.  I have re-written these notes to reflect the Ejuva cleanse protocol. This cleanse is a powerful but more gentle way to detox, and I recommend it with a reminder or warning for newcomers.  During this cleanse I personally supervise this process for my patients. 

If you are not my patient, please follow the guidance of a health care provider familiar with juice fasting and detoxification protocols.  Keep in touch with your health care provider, and learn how your body responds through gentle and gradual practices.


Required Materials for the Group Juice Fast

  • No Applicable Contraindications (see below)
  • A Commitment
  • The Ejuva cleanse products
  • A Juicer



Make sure that none of these contrainidications apply to you:

This juice fast may be inappropriate if the following conditions exist: 

  1. Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  2. type I diabetes or insulin dependant diabetes
  3. the weight loss of advanced cancer, AIDS or tuberculosis
  4. anorexia
  5. severe hypoglycemia
  6. kidney failure
  7. severe liver disease
  8. severe anemia
  9. long term steroid medication use
  10. Medium-Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase (MCAD) Deficiency Syndrome 
                 (if you have this you probably know about it!)

You must consult with me if you are on any prescription or over-the-counter medications before embarking on the juice fast. There are certain considerations about medications which make it very important to evaluate your situation individually before you commence a fast, so please bring it up with me prior to commencing.




The Importance of Commitment!

Deciding is 51% of the difficulty in this challenge. Once you've decided, stay firm in the decision all the way through the fast.
It’s best not to schedule a lot of dinner engagements; family visits by disapproving relatives or extensive flying schedules. With that said, you could have all of these things happen and still have a great juice fast!



How to Sign Up

You can sign up from the link at the top of the page. The total cost is $289.
Signing up gets you the Ejuva cleanse at a really great rate - $239 (it retails for $325)

$50 covers the optional bi-weekly teleconferences, yahoo group access to share recipes, ask questions, etc. and phone support in answering urgent questions.

The sooner you sign up, the better for us to organize the logistics of the cleanse. When you sign up you will be emailed the links to the Yahoo group and the teleconference links.



Getting the Ejuva Cleanse Products

The Ejuva cleanse normally takes a week to be delivered.

They will begin making the cleanse with fresh ingredients when they receive your payment, and ship it to the address you supply as soon as it's ready.

At Ejuva they don't start making the cleanse until they receive the order, as they believe that when products sit on shelves for months at a time they lose a lot of their Qi or inherent healing power. This is one of the main reasons the Ejuva cleanse is among the most effective on the market.



How to Use the Ejuva Cleanse Products

The Ejuva cleanse is a kit with six products in it. They are designed to be taken together as a meal replacement when fasting and detoxing. Just follow the directions which come with the kit.

You will receive from Ejuva all the LIVE products needed to complete a 4 week Cleanse. This Cleanse includes

  • 2 Combi’s (370 grams of powder to mix in your shake)
  • 1 Power (350 tablets)
  • 1 Balance (350 tablets)
  • 1 Renew (250 tablets)

  • 1 Moflora (25 Grams of Ejuva's proprietary blend of Human specific Probiotics)
  • 1 Vibram (30ml of Vibrational Elixir)

  • 1 CD (simple to follow Ejuva instructions)
  • 2 Spoons (pre measured spoons for the Combi shake)

When you get the cleanse read the instructions carefully so that you know how and when to take the products. Keep in mind the following:

  1. The Combi must be mixed with water or juice and drunk relatively quickly. If you wait more than a minute it will form into a gel - not so easy to get down.
  2. The Combi drink must be folllowed by another 8-12 oz of water or juice. Psyllium, the main ingredient, swells up to 50 times its own weight in water so you must provide enough water or other fluid so that it doesn't absorb your digestive fluids and get stuck! That is the opposite effect than the one you are looking for.
  3. The Power contains Cascara Sagrada and Rhubarb root, among other ingredients. It is very useful with the Combi to stimulate the bowels. If you are sensitive to it you may need to take less than the recommended dose. Sensitivity might result in loose stools, diarrhea and intestinal cramping. On the other hand if you have any constipation or slow transit time then you can increase this product to find the right dose level.
  4. The Balance has some quite tonifying and energizing herbs. If you are sensitive to these kinds of herbs you may need to take less during the evening, so as not to disturb sleep. On the other hand if you need to increase your energy level at a certain point in the cleanse you can increase intake of this product
  5. The Renew has very detoxifying herbs. If you are having detox reactions (described below) you can take more of this product to help the body.



You need a Juicer! 

You can buy a juicer for $60 from any kitchen appliance store which will get the job done just fine! As juicers have hit the mass market the price has come down.  The top of the line models such as the champion, Omega 4000, Jack Lelanne Power Juicer or Breville juicers do preserve the juice integrity better, but any juicer will do fine for your juice fast.

The Champion Juicer has a large motor which lasts.  It is also easy to clean. It retails for around $250. The Champion juicer is normally considered the best- hence I recommend it for the fast . The Omega 4000 is also good, but any juicer is better than none. 

It should be noted that for juicing wheatgrass and delicate stems you need a separate wheatgrass juicer, or a Green Power Juicer or Green Life Juicer which retails from $449 to $550. These machines juice wheatgrass as well as greens and vegetables. If you take a look on the internet you can find discussion on the best kind of juicer. However, You don’t need these kind of juicers to do this juice fast! 

Remember, a juicer is not a blender. Some people use super-high speed blenders like the  vitamix type blenders. A blender liquidizes the fibrous pulp of fruits and vegetables. This is fine for healthy dieting and nutrition, but it is not what we want for the juice fast. We want to extract the liquid from fruits and vegetables – this is what a juicer does; not turn the solids into a liquefied mass, which is what a blender does. The idea is to give your digestive tract a complete rest from solids. 

You may also want to get a mechanical citrus juicer, as it is much easier to juice oranges, grapefruits etc with this. They are not very expensive.


Why Juice Fasting?      

Tree in Meadow photo with permission from www.lightharmony.comFor thousands of years many cultures have used periodic fasting and diets to heal the body. The juice fast doesn’t interrupt the intake of nutrition. In this cleanse, plentiful and diverse nutrients are taken in daily through juice. 

The healing potential of fasting is mostly unknown to modern westerners. The juice fast heals the body, but our consensus culture and media disdains the practice of fasting; claiming it to be dangerous and of no medical value.  Fortunately there is still an unbroken tradition of medicinal fasting!

This tradition has come through many disciplined and dedicated individuals including doctors who recorded their findings and adapted practices for the conditions and needs 
of diverse types of contemporary people. 

The detox protocol I have developed over the years synthesizes the best practices from veteran doctors and researchers of fasting methods including: 
Paavo Airola
Dr. Bernard Jensen (who supervised more than 50,000 patients on juice fasts)
Steve Hurwitz (the founder of the Ejuva cleansing system)

The studies of these veterans and pioneers are represented 
in this fast, and combined with the experience of my patients and learning communities and furthered by my personal juice fasting and detoxification experience of over twenty-five years.



Quotes from experts on why fasting works

Evart Loomis M.D.
"Fasting is the world's most ancient and natural healing mechanism. Fasting triggers a truly wondrous cleansing process that reaches right down to each and every cell and tissue in the body. Within 24 hours of curtailing food intake, enzymes stop entering the stomach and travel instead into the intestines and into the bloodstream, where they circulate and gobble up all sorts of waste matter, including dead and damaged cells, unwelcome microbes, metabolic wastes, and pollutants. All organs and glands get a much-needed and well-deserved rest, during which their tissues are purified and rejuvenated and their functions balanced and regulated. The entire alimentary canal is swept clean.  By rebuilding immunity, health is naturally restored and disease disappears. If health and immunity are thereafter conscientiously maintained, the individual is no longer vulnerable to disease and dieting become unnecessary. Surely one of the most overlooked and yet most valuable modes of healing that will be rediscovered in the future of the new medicine is the fast. This is because of the increasing interest in looking to oneself for healing powers. For the fast is an inward process and cannot be entered upon only from an outer approach with any expectation of a lasting benefit. The person must invariably be involved with the overall results. This therapeutic encounter is in direct contrast to the usual non-involvement in the physician-directed, disease-oriented medical practice of today." 

Patricia Bragg Ph.D.
"Proven throughout history for physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation, fasting promotes cleansing and healing; helps normalize weight, blood pressure, cholesterol; rebuilds the immune system; and helps reverse the aging process. If we are to get these poisons out of our bodies we must fast. By fasting we give our bodies a physiological rest. This rest builds Vital Force. The more Vital Force we have, the more toxins are going to be eliminated from the body to help keep it clean, pure and healthy." 

Benjamin Franklin
"The best of all medicines are rest and fasting"

Ron Kennedy MD.
 "When we overload our bodies with food, even if we are able to burn it up without gaining weight, we create a chronic condition of low grade toxemia. Here resides the problem. The plasma membrane of each cell can somehow sense the concentration of toxic wastes in the circulatory system. If this concentration is above legal limit, the plasma membrane denies an exit visa for toxic wastes inside the cell until conditions outside the cell improve. Each cell becomes a storage unit for unusable, toxic molecules. This is not what a doctor would call "toxemia," because it is not life-threatening. However, if what you are interested in is the most health and vitality possible for you, this is definitely a chronic condition of low grade toxemia. Only children who are on a health supporting diet are immune from a chronic condition of low grade toxemia. All adults are suffering from this condition in some degree. Fasting creates a condition of low concentration of toxic wastes in the circulatory system. This is sensed by the plasma membrane of each cell and each cell will then let go of its load of toxic wastes. Any degree of overloading your body with food results in the intracellular collection of waste products. Fasting allows you to tip the scales in the other direction, so that your body can release itself from this condition of autointoxication."


How the Ejuva Cleanse Works

The following is a quote from www.ejuva.com

"EJUVA is 100% RAW 100% Vegan 100% Gluten Free with 100% Organic and or Wild Crafted ingredients. EJUVA has over 90 Raw, organic and Wild Crafted ingredients that inspire the body to cleanse. EJUVA goes to great pains collecting their herbs to avoid the radiated, gassed or steamed herbs found in this country (legally labeled under organic).

EJUVA is simply the most pure, gentle, yet deeply effective body cleanse on the planet! EJUVA is NOT just a Colon Cleanse! Ejuva cleanses the Liver, Lungs, Spleen, Pancreas, Kidneys, Gall Balder, (all the organs of the body) as well as your tissue, your entire Lymph system, your entire Alimentary canal from your throat to your rectum. And, offers specific herbs for balancing your hormonal or Endocrine system.

EJUVA uses no fillers, binders, excipients or heat in their proprietary processing methods; We do not even lubricate our tableting machine. Even Vegetarian Capsules are not pure enough for EJUVA's strict standards as they are made with polymers (plastics). We had to severely alter a standard tableting machine to accommodate our needs.

EJUVA does not use Bentonite Clay as its Carrier as so many do. Clay (or dirt), with its 22% Aluminum content is acidic and dead. Clay dehydrates the human intestines and like everything acidic and dead costs the body in valuable Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Co Enzymes and Energy to expel from the human body. The human body is NOT designed to consume dirt. Instead EJUVA uses Ayurvedic fruits that are alive and organic for its carrier. These fruits not only do a better job at carrying out the toxins than does Clay. But the fruits actually have a nourishing effect on the body.

EJUVA is the ONLY cleanse that addresses the emotional side of cleansing with its vibrational elixir called Vibram. Containing pure plant oils and vibrational elixirs of Diamond, Gold, Quartz, Sapphire, Amethyst among others.

EJUVA is balanced! Meaning you can do all your daily functions as normal when consuming EJUVA. In fact, most report feeling better while cleansing with EJUVA then they normally do.

Most herbal cleanses are 7 to 14 days, for those who believe your body can effectively cleanse in these short periods of time we at EJUVA strongly disagree. No matter your belief, imagine what your body could do in 30 days with the Worlds most pure cleanse consisting of over 90 LIVE herbs and NO chemicals or dirt whatsoever.

EJUVA freshness is also unsurpassed! EJUVA is NOT sitting on some shelf under fluorescent lights waiting for someone to finally buy it. EJUVA isn't made UNTIL YOU ORDER IT! Not only wouldn't we place our herbs in veggie caps, we would NEVER place them in plastic storage containers for obvious reasons."

The Ejuva cleanse costs a little more than some other cleanses but I believe it is worth the extra expense as it is a very well designed cleanse. There are other detox protocols and products available. Some are too harsh and cathartic, some are not as comprehensive as they need to be and some are badly designed. Here is how the cleanse is described:

The Ejuva Cleanse has been designed to be taken in 4 stages, each lasting approximately one week. The key benefit of completing phases 1-4 in sequential order is to help eliminate toxins gradually and safely without placing too much stress upon the liver and kidneys, which reduces cleansing reactions. This phasing technique also helps your body adjust to the herbs.



The First Three Weeks - Preparing for the Juice Fast

Week 1 of the Cleanse

Phase 1  The Ejuva herbs and shake are consumed once a day and three meals may be eaten per day.  

Start taking the Ejuva products, once a day at the same time each day.

This is experimental. Every ‘body’ is different. Experience how the support products feel in your body.  The support products have been selected to synergistically maximize detoxification while minimizing discomfort.

This is the most mild of the phases, it prepares the body for deep cleansing. First time cleansers, toxic individuals, meat eaters, those with chronic diseases or physical problems start here. Even at this stage, old fecal and mucoid matter are expelled from the body.

  • Eliminate: alcohol, nicotine, coffee, black tea, marijuana, chocolate, sweets or any other addictive substances.  Addictive substances stimulate the neuro-endocrine system.  When used excessively or habitually, these substances act as  nerve poisons.  When used correctly these substances can be beneficial, but they shouldn’t be used habitually. 

  • Eliminate or reduce dairy, wheat – especially white flour products, sweetened foods, animal meat, fish and eggs.
  • Drink at least 16 oz of fresh vegetable / fruit juice a mimimum of once a day

Your diet will consist of fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts. Eating a ‘lighter’ diet, with a higher percentage of raw foods will change the way you feel within a day or two. Many people have experienced profound changes from going raw.


Week 2 of the Cleanse

Phase 2 - During this phase only two meals may be eaten per day. These meals should now be 100% raw and vegan. Warm herb tea is fine to drink. 
The Ejuva cleanse is now taken twice per day. Morning and evening is best.

  • Drink at least 16 oz of fresh vegetable / fruit juice a minimum of two times a day. 


Week 3 of the Cleanse

Phase 3 - One meal may be eaten per day and juicing is encouraged as often as you need to feel energized.
The Ejuva Cleanse is now taken 3 times per day, energizing and allowing for deep cleansing.

  • Drink at least 16 oz of fresh vegetable / fruit juice a minimum of three times a day


Week 4 - The True Juice Fast

Phase 4 - This is the most potent phase of the program. No solid food is eaten during this phase, this phase is a juice fast consisting of fresh fruit and vegetable juices. 
The Ejuva Cleanse is now taken 4 times per day, to energize and to allow for deep cleansing.

  • Drink at least 16 oz of fresh vegetable / fruit juice four times a day or more.

The big picture, from www.ejuva.com:

"The body cannot digest solid foodstuff and cleanse. The human body will always choose digestion over cleansing. However, while juicing your body receives more nutrients than when eating solid foodstuff.

Your body digests juice in a manner that is called Osmosis which absorbs all the nutrients straight into the blood stream without using the normal channels of digestion. Juice fasting will allow your body to cleanse 24/7. The herbs and shake are consumed 4 x's per day during this phase. This phase allows for maximum cleansing and detoxification and most report feeling their best while on this phase."


Ejuva Product Ingredients


Ingredients: Agrimony, Alfalfa powder, Angelica root, Cascara Sagrada, Calendula Flowers, Chamomile, Chickweed, Dandelion, Devils Claw, Echinacea Root (angustifolia), Elderflower berries, Fennel seed, Golden Seal, Green Papaya Powder, Horsetail, Icelandic Moss, Amla, Red Raspberry leaf, Sassafras root bark, Stinging nettle, Turkey Rhubarb, Yarrow flowers, Yellow dock, Triphala, Date.


Ingredients: Ashwanganda, Astragalus, Dashamula, Fo Ti, Ginseng Rt., Guggulu, Hawthorn berry, Hibiscus, Chinese Licorice, Marshmallow root, Paeonia, Pau d'Arco, Hips, Sarsaparilla root, Schizandra, Slippery Elm, Shih Hu, Suma root powder, Date.


On the day of production, Moflora contains 20 billion beneficial bacteria per gram of the following species: Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lacto-bacillus lactis, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Bifidobacterium infantis, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus salifarius, and Lactobacillus caseii. These probiotics are bound in a base of vegetable fructooligosaccharides. Moflora is lactose free and is certified to be free of E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph. and other pathogens.

Combi Shake

Combi is designed to be taken as a shake with water or juice.Ingredients: wildcrafted Psyllium Seed Husk powder, Slippery Elm powder, Flax and Chia seeds.


Renew contains a combination of ayurvedic herbs to draw out toxins. This makes it far superior to betonite, which may contain up to 21% aluminum. Ingredients: Amalaki, Bibhitaki, Haritaki, Trikatu, Date, Vidanga, Kataja, Kamala, Cascara Sagrada, Turkey Rhubarb, Pau d'Arco, New Zealand Pseudowintera colorata (leaf), Japanese Parsley, Cnicus, Mandarin Orange, Liquorice, Atractylis, Cypress, Cinnamon, Hoelen, Ginger, Rehmannia, Cloves, Peony, Coptis.


Vibram is desinged to be applied externally, to balance the emotional changes which may arise during cleansing. Ingredients: Pure plant oils and essences of Ashwanganda, Basil, Nutmeg, and Saffron plus vibration elixirs of Diamond, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Thulite, Beryl, Limestone, Coal, Rosa Macrophylla, White Quartz, Aloe Eru, Gold, and Sapphire.


Common misconceptions about fasting, and other FAQs

Westerners, largely on behalf of the food industry, are conditioned to believe that we must continually consume food no matter what.  It is commonly believed that humans starve for protein quickly, and that protein deprivation creates a famished and exhausted physical condition, depriving the body of vital nutrients.  We’ve been sold on the falsehood that humans can’t live without supplements, that fasting is dangerous for people who are thin, or people who are fat…We have been told that fasting makes people sick.   Lets look at these myths and their relation to the detox and juicefast one at a time:

Protein Concerns

We generally eat far more protein than we need, most of which putrefies in the intestines and acidifies the tissue.  Protein malnutrition begins to occur after a long period of starvation.  There is ample historical documentation of individuals taking on extended juice fast, even 100 day juice fasts, to deal with cancer and other very serious diseases, all the while maintaining their weight, appearing in vibrant health and not suffering at all from deficiencies such as protein malnutrition!

If they could do it for a hundred days back then without our large body of modern knowledge and support, you better believe that most people can comfortably do a modified seven day fast. In fact, rather than malnutrition, the thing you’ll run into is super-nutrition! A common criticism is that it’s possible to lose weight and even a little muscle mass on a fast, but don’t worry, every record shows that needed body weight and muscle mass will come right back after the fast, and unneeded weight can be encouraged not to re-occur!


Fatigue, discomfort and other classic symptoms of detoxification

On a juice fast you may have a day or two where you are in a detoxification phase and you feel more fatigued than usual. You  will also pass through phases when you feel really fine, or even better than fine!  The slight discomfort that sometimes occurs in the beginning simply means that your body is shifting gears and dumping toxins. These shifts often occur around day 2-3 and/or day 6-7, but they can appear at any time during or after a fast, or during the days of altering your diet.  Welcome these days; you’ll never have to deal with those toxins again!

During these times you may experience transient physical symptoms such as a headache or a body ache. Remember one thing when fasting – Your body is controlled by Nature’s advanced intelligence, so relax and trust a little! When nature decides it is time for you to release you will get the release.  You are in good hands and she knows what she is doing. All of the best diets have been designed by intelligent individuals who listened to what their body was trying to tell them.

Periodic Fasting - Doing what the Animals Do

Healing is a return to nature, and fasting is one of the simplest ways to do this. Every dog or cat knows this. When mammals get sick they eat only grass  to heal themselves. The grass causes vomiting and diarrhea and then the animal fasts until it feels better. In the juice fast the support herbs clean you out, but in a gentle way.  Fasting, especially juice fasting, is  very safe and will in fact heal you. 

If you feel fatigued on a juice fast just drink more juice! It will energize you. Also you can take more of the 'Balance' product. Adding a green drink is also useful here. Let yourself get extra sleep if you can. On a juice fast the body is sometimes busy rebuilding, a process best accomplished while you rest. 

Healing Crisis

In some cleansing experiences, incidences of pain from conditions like arthritis, joint injuries, and fibromyalgia may appear to worsen temporarily before improving. This is normal, and it is a good sign that the fast is rapidly detoxifying the body. Normally this ‘healing crisis’ resolves itself in a few days.  The condition almost always will end better than it was before the start of the fast. 

Sometimes during a fast you can also get a cold or a fever; another classic mark of a healing crisis. The body likes to discharge toxins, but in normal daily life we are in a continual state of high ‘compensation’. This means that the (unfortunately) normal stress state of life involving adrenal stimulation over activates the sympathetic nervous system at the expense of the parasympathetic nervous system. We are in a constant ‘fight or flight’ mode. We feel engaged in the game of life, but in this state the body holds on tight and doesn’t release toxins. 

After a few days of fasting and withdrawal from adrenal stimulants like caffeine and sugar the body catches on that we are in ‘release’ mode. Discharges may occur such as a runny nose, sinus drainage, sweating. Muscle aches and fatigue may occur as a sign that the body is discharging internally into the bloodstream.. Generally on the EJUVA cleanse these reactions are quite minimized. However, these reactions are all a good sign. Mostly you will feel happy and serene during a cleanse but you may have one or two days of 'emotional detox'. During this time you might feel some afflictive emotion or mood.

So if you are seeking to heal allergies for example, which cause mucous build up, then don’t be surprised if the discharging process sometimes lingers for a while. If you are seeking to heal joint pain or muscle pain then these may temporaily occur for a day or two.

If you are having detoxing reactions adopt a positive and grateful attitude that the power of nature is working for your healing. Don't skip the EJUVA proucts or the juices, even if you feel unmotivated. you can increase the intake of the 'Renew' product for a few days, and give yourself permission to rest more.

Hunger Concerns

Pangs of hunger are OK to feel when we relax. Most of us are on some level terrified of feeling hunger. Yet when you stop and let yourself feel it, it is not such a big deal. One of the surprises of fasting is that after day 2, 3 or 4 the actual physical hunger goes away! Sometimes the mind says it is time to eat just out of habit, but there is not much force behind it.

The ‘Combi’ support product is a bulking agent which definitely reduces the physical aspect of hunger by gently filling the intestines. The Balance product also reduces hunger.

When juice fasting: adopt the attitude that you are becoming physically one with nature, and the deep power of nature to heal. Thousands of people have helped cancer, heart disease and other very serious conditions with juice fasting. Dr. Bernard Jensen developed prostate cancer in his eighties and just drank carrot juice for four months. He eliminated the cancer and lived in great health for another ten years.  Likewise… you have the potential to heal whatever illness is present in the body or even latent in the body, having not yet fully manifested.

Vitamin Supplement Concerns

You do not need to take all your vitamins on a juice fast. Individual products are best considered on a case by case basis. Sometimes it is useful to take a certain herb or homeopathic to target a specific organ system. We can discuss this via phone consultation or on the conference calls.

Too Thin, Too Fat, Weight Loss Concerns

Practitioners of juice fasting have consistently noticed that people who are thin will often put on weight after a fast and maintain that increased weight gain. Of course you will probably lose weight during the fast, but often being too thin is a sign that the body needs support in effectively absorbing nutrients. The concentrated nutrients of juices are thus very beneficial. Being overweight is also not an impediment to juice fasting. There are some conditions where rapid weight loss occurs as part of the healing process, but for most of us this is not really the case when juice fasting.

Cynthia Foster MD, a renowned fasting expert, sheds light on the science behind some of the most dramatic cases:

“In cases of severe toxicity, the body must break down many toxins before it can get to the task of rebuilding the body. Sometimes we see that cancer patients lose a lot of weight during a juice fast. This is temporary and nothing to be alarmed about, but it can be quite dramatic. Cancer patients typically lose a lot of weight even when they are on a diet full of cheeseburgers, steak and fried chicken. In fact, they usually have cancer because they have eaten these highly toxic foods their whole life. Medical doctors fret over this and usually prescribe a diet of very fatty and unhealthy foods. It usually never works to help the patient gain weight, but usually always succeeds in making the patient constipated and even more toxic.  

Cancer patients lose weight because cancer is a degenerative disease. The body is breaking itself down because the metabolism is so deranged that these patients cannot digest or assimilate even the simplest of foods - much less fried foods or hamburgers! The technical term for this is cachexia. Cachexia is sometimes also called "wasting disease," and is a direct result of the severe toxicity that occurs in cancer, NOT from juicing. The DISEASE cancer causes people to lose too much weight even if they never did a juice fast.  When the body is cleansed sufficiently, the cachexia reverses, and it will then be possible to put on weight - but it's not possible to do this beforehand. If one DOESN'T do any juicing, it may not be possible to detoxify the body enough to reverse the cancer, and the chemotherapy often fails.”

I know my body - I don’t think I can go without food 

If you really knew your own body and were completely in tune with it, you would know that your body wants to fast. Fasting is a natural human reflex and has been part of every wisdom culture on planet earth. When we say “I know my body and I can’t fast” one simply means they know their body’s conditioned habits, something that limits the flow of options. 

Won’t I feel weak?  I’m too weak to do a juice fast!

Cynthia Foster MD: 
“Most people don't realize that a juice fast will provide even more energy than they normally have.  I've also put people who were bedridden with bodies full of cancer on a juice fast and it helped them tremendously, and got many of them out of bed.  I've never found a person who was too weak to do a juice fast. Juice fasting is a time when the mind is stimulated and all sorts of creative ideas flow. It is the perfect method to use to unleash creativity for artists, musicians, actors, writers and any other sort of creative profession. It takes 30% of the body's entire energy to digest food. This is a lot of energy!  

When one does not have to digest solid food, one has this much more energy in the body with which to heal. Since the body is always moving towards health, it will use this energy to bring itself back into balance. It will do things such as dissolve calcium deposits in the joints, release toxins stored in the liver, kidneys, muscles, and fat. It will dissolve scar tissue in the body, and begin to regenerate and clean up aging, injured and infected organs. Since juice is so full of enzymes, the body does not need to use up extra energy to create enzymes to digest it. Instead of digestive enzymes, the body will manufacture other types of enzymes that it can use to break up deposits and toxins settled in the tissues.”

I’m just too busy to do a juice fast 

Are you too busy to live? Do you really mean you are too busy to be uncomfortable, or too busy to change your unhealthy habits; are you too busy to stop putting poison into your body? Are you too busy killing yourself to live? 
Remember, 51% of the work with this fast is making the commitment to do it.

Can I stay Active on a Juice Fast?

It’s best not to schedule a lot of dinner engagements; family visits by disapproving relatives or extensive flying schedules. Having said that, you could have all of these things happen and still have a great juice fast!

Running a marathon or other extensive forms of exertion could pose challenges and are not recommended unless you have quite a bit of experience with fasting. (it is with experience perhaps do-able – Peter Ragnar (see www.roaringlionpublishing.com  ) ran a mile in four minutes and fifteen seconds on his seventieth birthday.  He was on the seventh day of water fast and at the seven mile point of the 10 mile run when he decided to increase his speed!

During the juice fast it is fine to exercise, but- listen to your body, and don’t force yourself.. I like to run on the third day to help accelerate the elimination of toxins through sweating.. Excessive physical exercise can be draining on a juice fast.

Towards the end of the juice fast the exercise schedule should probably be lighter. You want your body to have energy for detoxification and repair, so you don't want to use up all your Qi with extreme exercise.

When to Juice

Ideally, one should make juices fresh and drink them immediately. Juice contains the most healing nutrients and life-force energy just after juicing. The released enzymes of the plant cells within the juice begin auto-digestion of the nutrients in the juice, so drink quickly. You want these enzymes to be absorbed through your stomach lining to help digest your toxins, rather than the components of the juice itself.

However, if you are setting out for a busy day, make extra juice and bring it along in a cooler.  This does not have to be difficult. If you cannot bring juice with you, go by a juice bar, and have them make it for you. 

Live non-pasturized juices are definitely what you want to create or buy.  If you go to a juice bar remember to ask for juices which are made fresh, rather than from frozen ingredients. Frozen vegetables and fruit have lost much of their life-force. And remember it is juices not smoothies that you are looking for. 

You can get still get great resultson your juice fast even if you occassionally buy store-bought bottled juice. If you are buying Odwalla or similar juices you must not drink juices containing Mango or Banana– these contain too much of the pulp of the fruit, and they are in fact purees. If you get juice from a juice bar get the fresh squeezed juices. Do not get the smoothies, which are from frozen and pureed ingredients. Also make sure that any juice you buy is 100% juice.

Try to drink raw fresh squeezed unpasturized juices as much as possible for best results. With a little planning, it is not too difficult.


How much Juice to Drink

Really on a juice fast, especially taking all the detoxification products we will be using, it is best to drink as much as you want to. Drink when you are hungry and if you get tired. I recommend that either you dilute your juices 25- 50% with water, or that you also drink plenty of water. 

Make sure to avoid tap water, as it’s chemical additives will hinder the detox process. Many fasting authorities specifically recommend steam distilled water for fasting, as it also has the capacity to pull toxins out of the body. 

Expect to drink up to a gallon of juices a day, and more if you want to. In some ways it is better to drink too much than too little, as the fluids will greatly assist in flushing out toxins. 

With this much fluid intake you will often find yourself with a full bladder. This is normal, don’t be alarmed. At some time during your fast, your body may release extra fluids and toxins. You may be voiding even greater quantities of fluid than you are taking in, and you may lose weight as you shed this excess fluid. This is all part of the normal detoxification process.

What to Juice - Recipes

Locate a source of organically grown fruits and vegetables; normally your local health food store or farmer's market. Nowadays even mainstream supermarkets are starting to carry organic fruits and vegetables. Try to use organic produce; it’s important to avoid pesticide residues. You will be juicing a lot of produce.   You may choose vegetables to combine and fruits to combine according to your own recipes. The key word here is variety. 

If you make a variety of juices, you will be less likely to become bored with your juice fast, and much more likely to receive a completely balanced complement of vitamins and minerals. You may be tempted to juice fruits as they taste so yummy, and really they are fine to use unless you are struggling with candida overgrowth, sugar addiction or diabetes. It is however beneficial to also include lots of vegetables. 

The taste of vegetable juices can be a bit of a challenge. 
Good base juices are: carrot (sweet and very good for you), cucumber, celery and tomato. They are more neutral and can balance some of the stronger tastes. 
Vegetables like cabbage, onion, garlic, parsley and ginger are stronger, delicious and very good for you, they can be used more sparingly. 
Beets are powerful healers and very sweet. 
Dandelions, spinach, chard and greens in general are very healing but have to be balanced with sweeter juices to make them palatable. 
Green apples, lemons and limes can combine with green and other vegetables,  roots of ginger and turmeric to make delicious juices that are easily digestible.

Do not add sugar or salt to your juices. Sometimes on a juice fast you may feel bored with the taste. Worse things have happened to humans. Hang in there, this is a form of mental and physical detox. Wwithin a few days natural juices will start to taste really delicious without adding any stimulating sweet or salty flavor. 

Here are some links for good juice recipes 
http://www.freedomyou.com/fasting_book/juice recipes.htm
for juicing recipe books and books on juicing    


Possible Detoxification Symptoms of the Juice Fast

If you go through a period of more rapid detoxification during the fast, you might experience some temporary symptoms of the internal spring cleanse. Such ‘effects' are usually relatively mild and are not threatening to your health at all. Remember that your body is guided by a great intelligence, which is using the fasting opportunity to improve your health by ‘taking out the trash’. These temporary effects can include the following:

  • Headaches, less than a day in duration, may  occur at the beginning of the fast, or if you forget to stay well hydrated.
  • Insomnia often occurs at the start of a fast. Drinking chamomile tea can help.
  • Mild nausea can occur. Drinking ginger tea can help. Make sure that the vegetable and fruit juices you are making are not too strong.
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness and palpitations are common early symptoms. During a fast the blood pressure may normalize itself, and in so doing there may be a blood pressure decrease. Blood sugar may also fluctuate as this system normalizes.  Relaxation, deep breathing and gentle yoga or Qigong practices can all help. Be aware not to leap out of bed or rise quickly from a hot bath if you are in a phase of feeling light-headed. (Otherwise feel free to leap out of bed singing “I feel Good! I feel Fine! I’m feeling like this All the Time!”). Increasing the ginseng stamina blend of herbs may be helpful, also making sure that you are drinking enough juice so as to regularly support blood sugar.
  • The bowels may slow down in spite of the taking of support products to keep them going. Normally what is required here is an increase in the support products such as the Rhubarb 17 and the red clover combination. In addition taking more of the Perfect Seven and making sure that this is taken with plenty of water can also be helpful.
  • Depression and anxiety feelings may occur as part of a mental or ‘brain’ detoxification. They will pass, often by the next day. Make sure you get enough sleep on the fast as the body may be doing some rebuilding.
  • Aching limbs and muscles can occur as a result of increased acidity in the tissues from circulating toxins released from storage and now mobilized in the blood. and can be minimized by drinking plenty of fluids, taking more of the Vitamineral green support product and by taking a bath with Epsom salts. Also consider massage, walking, extra sleep, Qigong and Yoga exercises.
  • Increased discharge of mucous from the sinuses, throat, vagina etc may happen. Often there is increased mucous discharge within the digestive tract, but this may be masked by the Perfect Seven support product. If this occurs it should be allowed to occur and not suppressed by antihistamines, for example.. The body has realized that it is time to clean house and it is using the mucous membranes to carry toxins out of the body.
  • Symptoms of a previous illness or injury may temporarily re-occur. This is a very good sign. This is a healing sign, well known to naturopaths and homeopaths whereby layers of held illness will peel off, sometimes producing the temporary symptoms of the illness as the last remnants of it leave the body.

It is important to know that you will probably feel great for the majority of the time during this juice fast, and that you may not have any of these reactions at all, just know that if you do it is just a healing to  be welcomed.


Normal Physiological Changes which may occur while juice fasting

  • A coated tongue and smelly breath, especially first thing in the morning,  are normal occurrences on a fast.  Scraping the tongue and use of a herbal mouth-wash will  reduce this.
  • Increased body odor may occur during certain phases of the fast. Apply soap and warm water liberally! The rest of the time you will probably have less odor than normal.
  • Dry skin may appear during a fast. The skin is an organ of elimination too. It is very helpful to dry brush the whole body using a loofa during a fast. This energizes the skin, sloughs off dead skin and strongly helps the body to detoxify.
  • Skin rashes or increased itching may sometimes occur and are a good sign of detoxification. Do not dry brush over skin rashes. You can take a bath with oatmeal (several cups of instant porridge oats does the trick) to act as a drawing agent to pull out the toxins.)
  • It is normal to feel colder than usual during a fast. It is actually amazing that our body can maintain our normal body temperature even on extended water fasts. An increase in sensitivity to cold including cold hands and feet  is normal on a fast. The lower energy center of the body known as the Hara or Lower Dan-Tian, two inches beneath the navel, produces less etheric energy when you fast, hence the increased sensitivity to cold and wind.  so dress more warmly than usual and add blankets in bed as needed.
  • Generally intense hunger pangs, being mostly mental and an expression of habits, vanish after the first two to four days of juice fasting. If you are putting out a lot of energy and you feel hungry, just drink more juice. The Combi support product will literally fill you up, and will stop the hunger feelings. .
  • Feeling ‘hung-over’ first thing in the morning is not uncommon. When the body is hard at work detoxifying and rebuilding during the night, it creates the hung-over feeling.. Once you move around you will feel better. Taking a bath or shower and applying the homeopathic, energetic support product to the bath water and to the body can really help. 

Activities which support the Juice Fast

  • Yoga, qigong and walking are wonderful supports for fasting.. Aerobic exercise such as running is often fine but I would not advise pushing yourself unless you are experienced with fasting and know your limits. If you regularly run or lift weights you may notice that you are more easily fatigued. Remember that the fatigue is due to fasting, no need to be distressed about fatigue while detoxing!. Your speed and power will return to normal after the fast. Some people deliberately attempt to flush out more toxins by taking saunas or running, especially around the second and third day of a fast, to generate a strong sweat. This normally leaves one quite fatigued. This is not recommended unless you are experienced with fasting.

  • Fresh air and exposure to sunlight are really good for you when you are fasting, but remember to avoid excessive sweating and dehydration. Deep breathing with the intention of absorbing your energy directly from nature is a time-honored way of recharging and shifting your focus so that you generate energy from other sources than food. You can absorb energy from fresh air, sunlight, trees, the earth, the sky, stars. Once you have been fasting for a while you will notice that you are much more sensitive to energy.

  • Meditation is a very good to practice on a fast. If you are an experienced meditator do not be surprised if sometimes your mind seems to be going even faster than normal, just observe it.

  • Dedicating your fast to a specific goal can be very helpful. For example you can dedicate your fast to helping someone who is very ill, and you will generate healing energy for them. It is also good to dedicate your fast to receive help or guidance or a breakthrough in a particular area in which you struggle. In performing a fast you generate a lot of spiritual energy and benefit. . As the body’s fat stores go through a breakdown process your spirit is getting built up and strengthened. This is why fasting is considered an important spiritual practice in every religion. Literally as your physical body stretches internally, your etheric body (the Qi body) is cleansed and temporarily thinned out, and your mental body is made more luminous. We can also generate group intentions for this fast, which we will discuss during the conference call.

  • Many authorities on cleansing and fasting recommend enemas, high enemas and colonics when fasting. If you are experiencing a lot of detoxification symptoms you can perform an enema easily on yourself and they can be very helpful. If you are interested in finding out more about enemas see:        www.ralphmoss.com

  • To perform a coffee enema - Use organic coffee only - see:         www.ineedcoffee.com

  • Vitamineral Green is a green superfood product which can also be very helpful in supporting the last two weeks of the juicefast. 
    You can order Vitamineral Green from          www.rawlife.com

  • High enemas can be administered at home with simple equipment an are very supportive during the last two weeks of the juice fast. For more information see        www.colema-boards.com 

  • Colonics are a high enema performed by a colonic hygiene therapist or colon hydrotherapist. Colonics are often very useful for detoxification. You do not have to do colonics on this protocol as the Ejuva cleanse support products will be doing much of this work for you, but you can if you want to. . If you want to know more about colonic see:      http://colonhealth.net/
    They also have a search engine for finding a colon hydrotherapist in your area.


How to Conclude the Juice Fast 

Every authority on fasting consistently says that how you break the fast is critical to reaping the rewards of the fast. If you break the fast by sitting down to an extravagant break-fast of fried eggs and bacon you will throw your body and digestive tract into shock. 

It is important to acknowledge that you have created a major shift in your body’s energy equilibrium. You have adapted to a process of catabolic detoxification. This means you have adapted to burning through a portion of the toxic load your body carries. We produce toxins naturally through our normal metabolic processes (endotoxins) and we take in far too many toxins from the environment due to pollution. Fasting is a natural methodology to clear these out. I strongly believe that humans are actually designed to periodically fast for optimal physical and spiritual health. 

Having now completed a juice fast, your body has learnt to economize on energy. If you start eating large amounts of rich food right away, then apart from shocking your body, you can also easily rob yourself of the opportunity to listen to what will really nourish you. 
After a fast, listening to what truly nourishes you is easier. It is easier because you will naturally feel so much more sensitive to foods. 

Here is an interesting fact: Before you put any ANY food in your mouth, you already feel what it will do to you. You already feel exactly what it will do to you. Its just that we cover up that sensitivity with habits, routine and mental noise. During and after a fast this knowledge can be heard and felt more strongly, as long as you let yourself tune into it. If you ask yourself each time, before you eat – "What is this going to do for me, should I eat it?" – you will feel it. 

However,  after a fast you may be quite hungry. We don’t really experience a lot of physical food hunger in our lives, and the experience can frighten some people into eating too much. Just remember that life is a balance. If you have satiety – the satisfaction of food desire three or four times a day, day in and day out, year in and year out, then where is the balance? It is necessary to feel hunger sometimes, and just get comfortable with it. 

But here’s the thing. Even if you eat steak after a fast you might still feel hunger for a few days, because the hunger is originating in the body, not the stomach. So the best way to break a fast is to pretend you are still on it! To not make a distinction that says – “thank God that’s over now I can eat again to chase away all feelings of hunger” – I prefer to invite hunger in  as a gift for the body, because the body needs it as much as it needs satisfaction. 

You may also find that by the end of the fast that you are not in the slightest bit hungry and in fact feel on top of the world! In which case don’t force yourself to eat. All fasting authorities recommend continuing a fast until your body sends you a distinct hunger message. Until then just continue. 

Most authorities recommend taking half the time you were on the fast to come off of the fast.  For a four week long detox and juicefast we take two weeks to re-establish our new balanced and healthy diet.

On the first day I recommend taking broths and soups during the day and having a salad at night.  Take the herbs twice that day.
On the second day,  I recommend fruit in the morning and salads and raw food for lunch. Consider skipping dinner and just taking the EJUVA support products. Remember your digestive tract is still adapting to food intake – do not overload it with food. 
On the third to fifth day after the fast consider eating a 70-90% raw food diet. Take the Ejuva support products twice each day. 

Simple vegetable meals, salads, or soups are good. Soaked prunes or figs are helpful. Try to keep the raw food content of your meals high. Well-cooked rice, a baked potato or millet work well in moderation, if you want to introduce cooked food. I would avoid breads, brown rice and too many raw nuts until you feel your digestive function is fully active. Simple cooked starches are actually normally very digestible after a fast, but stop eating before you feel full..  When eating  raw food,  bear in mind that too many raw nuts and raw fibrous vegetables can be quite a bit of work for the digestion and so don’t overdo it. Do not mix too many foods at a meal.

Try not to eat to fill the void of hunger. Though it is a natural instinct to want to eat to the point of satisfaction, that point will be hard to find immediately after a fast. 

Sauerkraut, a fermented cabbage, is a useful food to eat (in moderation) after a fast as it helps to activate the digestion.  Grapes, or soaked or stewed prunes, can be useful to promote bowel movements. 
Eat slowly and chew well. Ghandi said: “Eat your drinks and drink your foods”. The idea here is to sip drinks and savor them and to chew food very thoroughly, so that they are more like liquid.

When reintroducing solid foods it is a great time to study your individual responses and reactions to them.. If you’ve had any chronic health problems prior to the Juice Fast: problems with the digestion, with allergies, sinus conditions, skin breakouts, joint or muscle pain, headaches, energy level, insomnia, etc. 

It is often useful to keep notes. Pay attention to intestinal function, sleep patterns, food desires and symptoms. One of the easiest ways to do this is to buy a little notebook and draw a line down the middle of each page. Use one page for each day and date the pages. At the end of the day on the left side column of the page write down what you ate, when you ate it and how you ate it (e.g. hurried or relaxed, too much or just the right amount etc). 
On the right side of the page write down how you felt, your bowel movements, energy level and any physical or mental symptoms. Reactions to certain foods can occur immediately, soon after eating the food, later on that day, the next day or even a few days later. 
If you identify a food you respond poorly to, avoid it for a while, perhaps a month. You can always test it again later. 

There are certain foods that we can generalize and say "this food doesn’t work well for anyone": Junk food, almost all white flour products, (white breads, white pastas), refined sugar – dairy combinations (e.g. ice cream), white flour dairy combinations (e.g. macaroni and cheese), white flour baked to very high temperatures (e.g. pizza), artificial sweeteners, sodas, candy.


Typical Allergy and Sensitivity–Causing Foods

There are some foods which cause problems for some people but others tolerate them well, these include:

  • dairy products, especially milk, ice cream and processed cheese.
    Many people who cannot tolerate these dairy products well,, do fine with butter, goat’s cheese and milk, and aged cheeses or blue cheeses. 
  • Nightshade plants: tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, eggplant and tobacco;
  • nuts,
  • Sesame seeds,
  • Soy beans and Soy products,
  • Corn
  • All wheat products
  • All sweet foods
  • All fermented foods

When examining food reactions, bear in mind that in the month or so following a cleanse, you may not react to anything negatively,  as you have cleared out the toxic stores! Once they get filled up again you may have continued reactions. 
Now is also a good time to examine the consequences of what we eat as well as the consequences of how we eat. 
There are a number of areas to explore:

  • The social implications of our diet choices
  • The environmental impact of what we eat
  • The health impact of our food choices
  • The spiritual implications of our food choices
  • The offering of food as an expression of Love

One of the practices that is very supportive following a fast is to periodically do shorter-fasts to reconnect to the energy of the juice fast and to break the three-meals-a-day hypnotic spell of endless consuming. 



Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

The connections between abstinence from food, and ALL of the major religious traditions, is probably worthy of note here, but as there is so much text written upon this subject, it hardly seems useful to repeat.

I will however provide a short list of references through the various religions that can be followed if further conviction is required.

  • At least the following Bible references. 
    Ezra 10:6, 10:10-11, Esther, chapters 4-8, Acts 9:7-19, Exodus 34:28, Deuteronomy 9:9-29, 10:1-11, 
    Matthew 4:1-32, Chronicles 20:1-29, Ezra 8:21-23,31, Joel 1:13-14, 2:12,15,18-27, Daniel 10:2-3, 
    Daniel 1:8-171, Kings 17:5-7, Matthew 3:41, Corinthians 7:5
  • Baha'i followers fast from March 2 - 20 every year
  • All the main branches of Buddhism practice some periods of fasting, usually on full-moon days and other holidays.
  • For many centuries, Catholics were forbidden to eat meat on all Fridays, but since the 60s it has been whittled away to restrictions only during Lent, Good Friday & Ash Wednesday.
  • For Jews, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is the best-known fast day. The Jewish calendar has six other fast days as well, including Tisha B'Av.
  • The Mormon church encourages individuals, families, or wards to hold fasts at will, but the first Sunday of each month is a mandatory fast day.
  • Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, is a mandatory fasting period. Various Muslim customs recommend days and periods of fasting in addition to Ramadan.



A Message about  the Juice Fast from Liz Rymland  

The Juice fast as Spiritual Adventure, Approaching Increased Intimacy with the Mystery.

From early on in our  cleanse we grow aware that we are shifting our dependence from material sustenance to celestial sustenance.  As Adam described, the flow of substance in the body begins to receive and circulate universal energy eagerly participating in the digestion and elimination of toxins.  In Andean mysticism, the Q’ero  of Peru describe their foundation spiritual practice as,the act of digesting hucha (heavy and disorganized energy) and replenishing it with Sami (light and organized celestial energy).  This is the foundation of all spiritual work.  The metaphor of digestion is especially lively because humans on Earth digest the heavy blows and impacts of experiences in their own time cycles, and as we digest heavy impacts and losses over time, this generates insight and loving energy.  The practice of fasting is exceptionally pleasing to our invisible helpers also known as:  all buddhas throughout space and time, the deities, the ancient ones who have passed this way before us, divine beings, Sun, Moon and Stars.  We will feel their appreciation and love to the extent that we are empty and open to this, and we will grow spacious and open to this while fasting if we are paying attention.  During a fast you can feel the love of the Sun and the moonlight, the wind and the stars.

Prior to embarking on the cleanse it is wise to firmly set one’s spiritual ideal, if you haven’t already done so, and just a single word will do.  We can commence the fast in a group session or solo…by seeing the spiritual ideal, its various facets and by feeling its presence. Once we know this spiritual ideal, we can dedicate our cleanse to upgrade particular habits including habits of mind to approach our spiritual ideal.  Any fast or cleanse serves to moves us closer to sustained Source connection.  It is natural to feel ourselves becoming Source, as the mind and habits move toward that which is ideal. 

I have dedicated various cleanses to the elimination of habits such as: procrastination,  physical inertia; difficulties with loved ones, errors in my speech that don’t reflect my knowing, alignment with my universal mission, self-destructive habits, needs for changes in my environment and need for changes in self-support and self-care..  Just these dedications have had immediate and life-long consequences because I backed up my requests for assistance with an energetic sacrifice and the Universal masters took me seriously and removed the problem.   After a short period of fasting one begins to see falsehoods or errors of mind drop away, you will begin to see and speak the truth more clearly and peacefully.  

I propose we embark on this spiritual adventure as a mass observation experiment with artful documentation.  The cleanse is a time to create unprecedented pure gestures, something we have secretly wanted to do for a while. This may be an increase in daily love gestures of service or praise; or gestures toward reconciliation of ancient grievances; dances, songs, a pilgrimage or daytrip to a meaningful place or person; an increase in physical exertion. This quiet, private offering of pure gesture opens  new dimensions of selfhood, opens doors to new corridors of self-extension because our lights will be on, our thoughts are broadcast on the astral, the invisible helpers are watching us.  We may extend ourselves by exploring new terrain of mind or action.  
These offerings of unprecedented and pure gestures of heart, mind, service, help to feed the spiritual substrate with our beauty.  
Soon we’ll get to see how nature responds and we can document these changes.  We begin to observe how the mind of nature shifts to meet the elevating nature of our process. The universe will supply us with surprises to the extent that we extend its voice and doings to fellow creatures, fellow humans.  The invisible helpers will show more appreciation as we make pure gestures of offering. The universe wants us to be its voice and messenger… and will respond as we artfully document the magical responsiveness of nature, of the universe.  

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The cost of this cleanse with the support services essentially means that I am offering this cleanse way below my actual costs. I set the price as low as I could because I genuinely want to make this service available to as many people as possible. 
If you have benefitted from the information on this site, or from undertaking a cleanse and you would like to make a donation via paypal, that will be most graciously accepted. The minimum donation is $1. All is appreciated. Thanks!


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