Qigong (pronounced Chee Gung) is a breathing and moving exercise, an ancient healing art that has been practiced for thousands of years in the East to promote health, vitality and resistance to disease. Qigong, which literally means ‘working with energy’, is a series of simple postures, breathing patterns and movement exercises that anybody can learn. These exercises feel good to practice and can rapidly transform your energy level and overall health. Tai Ji is a form of Qigong that is a sequence of movements. These movement sequences or forms are used for self-healing and also for self defense purposes.

Adam Atman Doing Qigong.Morning Qigong feels good to practice &and can rapidly transform your energy and health. It is fun and easy to learn the basics. Qigong is an ideal addition to your daily exercise routine. Regular Qigong practice brings renewed vitality, energy and balance.  Along with spiritual practice and cleansing diets, Qigong, practiced daily, is one of the great and transformative keys to good health.

In the East today, Tai Ji and Qigong masters are famous for their health, strength and vitality, even at a very advanced age. In recent years, scientists have verified many of these health benefits, as well as the ability of Qigong masters to transmit healing energies from their hands. In China and the West, Qigong has aided many in the treatment and prevention of chronic disease and the maintenance of vibrant good health.

The concept behind the healing power of Qigong is that the vibration of disease exists in the energy (Qi) within the body. With Qigong practice this vibration can be aligned with the vibration of health and Doing Qigong.vitality, in much the same way as a tuning fork will start to vibrate to the same pitch as another tuning fork that is struck and then brought into proximity to it. Any condition can benefit from the practice of Qigong, which results in a great feeling of well-being.

I have consistently seen that those patients who take up the practice of Qigong and persevere in it, tend to get the results we are all looking for – renewed health, vitality and energy, as well as a normalization of all health conditions, such that one is basically very healthy. Along with spiritual practice and cleansing diets, Qigong, practiced daily, is one of the great and transformative keys to good health. I have been studying and practicing Qigong since I was 18 years old. I continue my practice to this day and am amazed at the continued depth and exploration of healing that Qigong makes available.

I am available for private Qigong and Tai Ji instruction. if interested, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

Cost: $50 for a half an hour private lesson.
$35 each for two people      

Typically there are three components to a Qigong class:
We practice Shifu Jia’s Jiu Jiu Yangsheng Qigong.
We practice one of the forms below.

Qigong and Tai Ji Sets:

Wu style Tai Ji short form
Yang style Tai Ji 24 form
Five Elements in the Lower Dan Tian – 5 forms
The Eight Extraordinary Channels – 4 forms
Opening the Acupuncture Channels – 6 forms
Harmonizing the Five Elements – 10 forms
Five Element Shen Qualities – 5 forms