Who can benefit from treatment?

Patients of acupuncture range from infants to senior citizens. They may be seeking an alternative to Western medicine or it may be their last hope for relief, having exhausted other methods of treatment for a chronic condition. For increasing numbers of people, an acupuncturist is their first choice of Primary health-care Practitioner – for a low-risk form of treatment with few side effects.

How much does a treatment cost?

Acupuncture Appointment:  $130

New Patient Appointment:   $175

Extended Appointment:       $195

What about insurance coverage?

Many California insurance plans include acupuncture treatment in their policies. Ask your insurer about coverage or reimbursement. Some plans that do not routinely cover acupuncture may pay for treatments if they are recommended by a physician. Acupuncturists are currently covered under California State Worker’s Compensation. Contact our office for help with insurance billing.