adam_atmanAdam Atman is an Acupuncturist, Medical Herbalist, Qigong Instructor, Medical Qigong Practitioner, Asian Bodywork Therapist, Acupuncture College Instructor and Clinic Supervisor. He has been studying and practicing Qigong and Asian medicine for the last 33 years. His mission in life is to reinvigorate the ancient knowledge of how we are made, and of what we are made, a knowledge embodied in Chinese Medicine and the Wisdom traditions of the World.

In his own words: “I practice acupuncture, Asian Bodywork and Qigong healing. I also prescribe Chinese herbs, suggest nutritional strategies and utilize vibrational remedies. As a patient in an acupuncture treatment, you can learn a lot about yourself and this normally shows you how to stay healthy. Many of my patients use Qigong, acupuncture and Chinese medicine for their preventative medical benefits.

An acupuncture session with me focuses on the simultaneous clearing of physical illness and pain, with the elucidation of meaning and purpose in life. In 24 years of practice I have been privileged to see many amazing healings. When I see this, I feel humbled by the power of the Spirit that is within each of us. I am also humbled by the power of this ancient healing system, which still works so well today.

I also offer Sacred Acupuncture CEU Seminars, specifically for acupuncturists or other healthcare practitioners in East Asian Medicine.