The path to the inner audience chamber of the Emperor, therefore the forbidden channel.

The universality of Love radiated through each fiber of the Wei fields via the Heart channel

Spirituality, The non-identified consciousness, the abode of the Pure Shen, and true nobility

Courage, the Lion-Heart

Freedom and spaciousness

Clear Shen- Ming present in the eyes? Is the person in touch with themselves

The negative attributes of neurosis, self -obsession, delusion, neurotic self concern – Same as negative pericardium attributes, but turned inwards.

Domination to avoid an inner self-preoccupation. Normally a fear shakes the Emperor from his throne

Pathological shyness, sensitivity

The Emperor and the kingdom – could be over-controlling, as in the Emperor feeling threatened and barking orders rather than delegating

The abode of the Huang Di, the ancestor of Humanity, the spiritual Emperor

Animal: Tiger (in Adam Atman’s system of 12  branches and animals ). Corresponds to the Lion / Tiger / King motif of many cultures

In the Hour/Branch cycle it Heart corresponds to the Horse

Branch: (Adam Atman’s system of 12  branches and animals ).  Yin     寅   A human connected to heaven performing a rite in a temple

Time: 11 AM to 1 PM   Midday. Sun highest in sky

Fifth Station of the Cross: Simon of Cyrene picks up the Cross for Christ. Selfless Service

Tree of Life – Second branch on the right. Yin – Ht.            The Loftiness of his Power         On the third branch, the loftiness of his perfect power

The four sections of the heart:

Right ventricle = Earth

Right Atrium = Metal

Left atrium = Water

Left Ventricle = Wood

Electrical impulses = Heart Fire transferring Shen into blood

Only to the degree a practitioner actually IS taking full responsibility for his or her life circumstances having renounced victimization can they liberate the Fire element in a patient. – Lonny Garrett

Wang Feng Yi

Original Spirit                                              Yuanshen   

Propriety                                                       Li               

Understanding Sacred Connection            Ming Li        

Respect                                                       Jing             

Hate                                                             Hen            

    • Pure Love
    • innocence
    • softness
    • unassailable strength.  What are your Strengths? True identity – If nothing you think you are is you, then Who are You?
      • In what areas of your life do you buy into the story that you are too weak?
    • Feeling state – What is the feeling of Being?
    • What do you do that blocks Love? In what situations?
    • Relationship to your ancestors? Are you angry at them? Do you think you are better than them? Are you worse than them? Can you feel their sadness? Can you feel their Joy?
    • Do you receive Grace?
    • Who perceives you with eyes of Love?
    • What is a miracle?
    • Jesus said “In my Father’s House there are many Mansions” What do you think he meant?

Animal: Tiger (in Adam Atman’s system of 12  branches and animals ). Corresponds to the Lion / Tiger / King motif of many cultures

The Heart is the only organ subject to all deficiencies i.e. Heart Qi and Yang deficiency and Heart Yin and Blood Deficiency.

The channel clears heat from the Heart (whether Excess Heat or Heat from deficiency) and therefore calms the Shen -spirit i.e. can treat most neurosis, emotional disorders, and mental illness  (excessive anger, frustration, indecision, timidity, fear, sadness, grief and obsessive thinking are also treated from the Liver, gall bladder, Kidney, Lungs and Spleen respectively).

The Heart channel treats mental and emotional disorders with a strong emphasis on disorders of thinking and ideation hence it treats delirium, hallucinations, madness, etc.

The Heart Channel treats thought and speech disorders-  amnesia, stuttering, anxiety, nervousness.

The Heart Channel treats psychogenic and functional heart disturbances such as palpitations and heart rhythm disturbances. (in clinical practice heart organ disturbances are often treated from the Hand Jue Yin Pericardium channel.)

The Heart Channel also treats trembling and agitation from heart fire.

The Heart Channel treats epilepsy, dullness of consciousness and foaming at the mouth from phlegm fire disturbing the Heart.

The Heart Channel treats loss of consciousness from phlegm blocking the portals of the Heart.

The Heart Channel  sinks uprising yang heat (from Kidney or Liver) causing night sweats, palpitations and vertigo.

The Heart channel can clear heat causing reckless uterine bleeding (Heart- Uterus Blood connection).

The Heart Channel clears heat from the Small Intestine so can treat urinary disorders, vaginal damp heat etc.

The Heart Channel can clear Heat in the mouth, tongue, throat (channel), eye (channel), headache etc. and upper epigastric pain (muscle channel)


Pumps Blood-nourishment-love to the whole kingdom and community of the body

Heart as Spiritual Essence and Light

  • – According to the Nei Jing Su Wen the Shen Ming, 神 明 the clear radiances of the Shen, as seen in the eye, derive from the Heart
  • – Clear Shen- Ming present in the eyes. Is the person in touch with themselves?

Heart as Immovable, inviolate

Nei Jing Ling Shu 71 – 12: The Heart is strong / immovable, 其 藏堅固 nothing transports from it, or it has no route of transport into it. Because it rules all the vessels/channels. It is alone among the Zang Fu in having no transport. 手少陰之脈, 獨無俞.

– Sanskrit name: anahata – means unhurt, un-struck and unbeaten. Anahata Nad refers to the Vedic concept of unstruck sound, the sound of the celestial realm
– The Heart channel as the path to the inner audience chamber of the Emperor, therefore the forbidden channel.

From the Tai Su:

The hand minor yin vessel is the only one [vessel] without transportation-Shu [points].

Why is that?

Qi Bo:

The Shao yin is the vessel of the heart. The heart is the eminent ruler of the five Zang and six Fu; it is here that the Jing and Shen resides. Its storage is especially firm and durable, no evil is able to settle there. If it were to settle there, then the heart would be harmed. When the heart is harmed, then the Shen leaves. When the Shen leaves, then there is death. Hence all evil that is present in the heart is in fact present in the heart-enclosing (Pericardium) Luo- blood vessel system.

The heart-enclosing (Pericardium) Luo-blood vessel system is the vessel (system) of the heart ruler. Hence only the Shao yin vessel has no transportation Shu [points].

Huang Di: If the Shao yin has no transportation Shu, [does that mean] it cannot fall ill?

Qi Bo: The channels outside of it may fall ill, the Zang itself does not fall ill.

Heart as Innocent

– The embryology of the Heart – The Heart above the Head at the bilaminar embryonic disc stage
– The Heart as 元 兒 Yuan Er, Original Child
– The Heart and eternal youth – the muscle never tires.

Heart as affected by emotions
Su Wen 39
“When one is sad, then the heart Luo is tense.The lobes of the lung spread open and rise, and the upper burner is impassable.The Ying Qi and the Wei Qi do not disperse.Heat Qi is in the center. Hence, the Qi dissipates.”

When one is frightened, then the heart has nothing to lean on, the spirit has nowhere to return, and one’s deliberations have nowhere to settle. Hence, the qi is in disorder.

When one is pensive, then the heart has a place to stop, the spirit has a place to turn into, and the proper qi stays [at one location] and does not move. Hence, the qi lumps together.

Heart as Dual natured – inner and outer

– The dual nature of the Heart as Heart – Pericardium or Heart – Circulation
– The Heart wrapping Luo 心 包 絡 is it’s transport.
– “the heart, . . .its fullness manifests itself in the blood vessels” – Su Wen 9 – 38
– “The correlate of the heart are the vessels; its splendor [appears in] the complexion”. Su Wen 10
– Within the Heart there is another Heart
– Guan Zi Nei Ye 管子 內業 ch. 49“When our Hearts are well regulated, our senses are well regulated too.

When are Hearts are at rest, our sense organs are at rest too.

What regulates them is the Heart.

What sets them at rest is the Heart.

The Heart thereby contains a Heart.

(That is to say) within the Heart there is another Heart.”

Heart Channel

– The Heart channel internal structure as ‘abstract’ compared to the patterning of the other channels
– Heart channel as later developmentally than Pericardium channel
– The Heart channel as the forbidden channel.

Heart as Sovereign

– 心 者 君 主 之 官, 神 明 出 焉
The Heart holds the office of Lord and sovereign, the radiance of the Shen issue from it. Jun 君 is inborn authority, Zhu主 is authority in action.
– Emperor – Spirituality, The non-identified consciousness, the abode of the Pure Shen, and true nobility.
– The abode of the Huang Di, the ancestor of Humanity, the spiritual Emperor
– Pumps Blood-nourishment-love to the whole kingdom and community of the body
– Freedom and spaciousness. Inner Sovereignty. Freedom in adversity. Freedom as nature
– Courage, the Lion-Heart.
– The universality of Love radiated through each fiber of the Wei fields via the Heart channel
– “The Heart . . . is the Great Yang in the middle of yang” – Su Wen 9 – 38
– in Su wen 5 , communications are said to exist between the qi of thunder and the heart Su Wen 5 – 173: ‘the Qi of Thunder communicates with the Heart’ 雷氣通於心
– Xun zi, 荀子Xian bi “The Heart is the Lord of the physical body, and the ruler of spirit brilliance.”
– Xun zi, 荀子 Tian lun 天 論 says: “The heart occupies the central void to govern the five Zang.”
– Guan zi, Xin shu shang : “The heart occupies the position of Lord in the body.”

Heart as Earth

– The Heart as an Organ of Earth. The Shuo Wen Jie Zi. Earth 土 and Earth 地. (Heaven Earth 田地 )
– The heart, which the Xun zi, Xian bi calls “the Lord of the physical body, and the ruler of spirit brilliance,” was associated with the “virtue” Earth and with the color yellow in the Lü shi chun qiu, the Guan zi, the Shi ze xun of the Huai nan zi, and the Tai xuan.
– Earth Heart as the container of the Fire of Shen – ancient creation stories – man mad of animated clay – bible, Nu Gua etc.

– The Right Heart, the Hridayam and the nature of Earth as Prior to the elements

Heart as ‘not a pump’

– The Heart as ‘not a pump’ Rudolf Steiner said ‘the Heart is not a pump’
—– Galen believed that the heart acted not to pump blood, but to suck it in from the veins.
—– The Heart is only a pump to the brain.

– If the real pump is the osmotic pressure gradient within the venous system. So the Heart is also the capillary bed.
– So the Heart is externally omnipresent within the system of the body. This corresponds to the idea of the Heart penetrating and ruling the blood vessels

– Heart as generator within Pericardium of gratitude, awe, humility, service
– The Heart as the touchstone of appropriateness or propriety
—– The Heart is a timing organ – when to empty and fill in response to osmotic pressure waves. – propriety?

The Heart and numerology

– The Heart is the summation of four by the power of One

– The Heart as corresponding to the number 5 and the center
—– Ancient association of 5 with center / Earth
—– Su wen 20 “In the central section,the heaven Tian [indicator] serves to examine the lung…..The man [indicator] serves to examine the heart…. The earth – Di [indicator] serves to examine the qi in the chest..”
—– The significance of the four chambers of the Heart in relation to the 5 elements
—– —– Right ventricle = Earth
—– —– Right Atrium = Metal
—– —– Left atrium = Water
—– —– Left Ventricle = Wood
– The Right – Heart opening represented on the back at T6, G.V. 10 靈台, U.B. 16 督輸and at the front at CV. 16 中庭Zhong Ting
– The eighth chapter of the Ling Shu has the Heart balancing the Jue Yin (as the Blood and vessels 血 眿), Tai Yin (as the Ying and Qi 營 氣) and Shao Yin (as the Jing and Shen 精 神) with the functions of purpose, will, clear thinking, reflection and wisdom.

Redemptive Emotions

– “Only to the degree a practitioner actually is taking full responsibility for his or her life circumstances having renounced victimization can they liberate the Fire element in a patient.” – Lonny Garrett

– Contentment – the fundamental state and emotion of the balanced heart – balanced against gallbladder and correct decision making
—– —– Gall Bladder is “Zhong Zheng” Striking into the middle, “and all the other 11 zang depend on it”

Afflictive Emotions

– Afflictive Emotional attributes as more extreme expressions of Pericardium patterns
—– Extreme inward orientation:
—– The negative attributes of neurosis, self -obsession, delusion, neurotic self concern – Same as negative pericardium attributes, but turned further inwards. – associated with

—– —– pathological shyness
—– —– speech withholding (Heart tongue association)
—– —– extreme sensitivity
—– —– block in the heart manifests itself in grief and pensiveness Su Wen – 42

—– Extreme outward orientation:
—– —– Domination and tyrannical behavior
—– —– Barking orders – master – slave delusions
—– —– Lack of connection to Heart

From the Su Wen
The appearance of heart wind [is such]:

[patients] sweat profusely and have an aversion to wind.

When the burning is extreme, they tend to be angry and to terrorize [others].Their [facial] color is red. When the disease is severe, [patients find] it impossible to speak cheerfully. It is diagnosed at the mouth; the color there is red.

Essential oils of:

1/ Rose   –   The Jing – essence of the Heart

2/Sandalwood   –   for the lightness of the Heart, the Shen Ming

3/Frankincense   –   Pulls the Heart back home

4/ Sage   –    for the Right-Heart or Earth-Heart

5/Myrrh   –    lung involvement with sadness affecting the Heart.
Conscious or not.  Promotes healthy natural remorse.

6/ Copal    –   For the sweetness of forgiveness. Earth nourishing Metal.

On chest

Rose at C.V. 20& 17treats Fire

Sandalwood at C.V.17 & 19 & C.V. 24 treats Water

Frankincense at  C.V. 17 & 18  & C.V. 23 treats Wood

Sage at C.V. 16 & 17 treats Earth

Myrrh at C.V. 15-14 & 17 & C.V. 21 & 22 treats Metal

Red Thyme (appropriately diluted for skin) at C.V. 15 & 14 for de-possession

Ht. 1

Ji Quan  極 泉     The Heavenly source P 1

Tian Chi  天 池   Heavenly pool

Tian Hui  天 會Heavenly assembly

Ht 2

Qing Ling   青 靈, a Pure / Green sprouting from the spirit realm

Qing Ling Quan  青 靈 泉 The Source of the Pure Spiritual realm

P 2

Tian Quan   天 泉A Heavenly Spring

Tian Wen天 溫 Heavenly Warmth

Tian Shi天 濕Heavenly moisture

Ht 3

Shao Hai   少 海The Shao (Yin Sea)

Qu Jie曲 節Curving Joint

P 3

Qu Ze 曲 擇Curving Marsh

Ht  4

Ling Dao   靈 道The Path (Dao) of the Ling

P 4

Xi Men   The Gate of the Xi-cleft

Ht. 5

Tong Li  Movement to the interior

Tong Li通 理Movement to interior order

P. 5

Jian Shi  間 使Intermediate envoy

Gui Lu鬼 路 Ghost road

Ht. 6

Yin Xi 陰郄Yin Xi-Cleft

Shao Yin Xi少 陰  郄Shao Yin Xi-Cleft

Shi Gong石 宮Stone Palace


Nei Guan  內 關Gate to the Inner

Ht. 7

Shen Men  神 門Gate to the Shen

Dui Gu兌  骨    Dividing bone

Dui Chong兌 衝Dividing Chong

Dui Zhong兌 中Dividing Middle

Rui Zhong銳 中Sharp Middle

Zhong Du中 都Middle Capitol

P. 7

Da Ling大 Great Mound

Zhu Xin主 心 Master of the  Heart

Gui Xin鬼 心 Ghost Heart

Shou Xin Zhu手 心 主 Hand Heart Master

Ht. 8

Shao Fu 少 府Shao(Yin) Palace

Dui Gu兌  骨Dividing bone

P. 8

Lao Gong   勞 宮Palace of Toil

Ying Gong營 宮Palace of encampment

Zhang Zhong  掌 中 Center of Palm

Wu Li五 里 Five Miles

GuiKu鬼 窟Ghost Cave / Hole

Gui Lu鬼 路Ghost Road

Ht. 9

Shao Chong  少 沖Shao (yin) Chong

Shao Chong少 衝Shao (Yin) Chong

Jing Shi經 始Beginning of channel(s)

P. 9

Zhong Chong中 衝    Middle Chong

H-1            Ji Quan            Utmost Spring

H-2            Qing Ling            Green Spirit

Ht  3                He Sea Water point

«««                        Shao Hai            Lesser Sea

Lesser Sea refers to the fact that this point is the He-Sea and Water point and that is is the Shao (lesser) Yin channel.  (I&F)/(GTW)

Calms by clearing Heart fire. Can clear excess Heart fire- mania, hypomania, severe depression, epilepsy, skin rash etc. Can clear deficiency heart fire-  nervous exhaustion, trembling, anxiety, depression, overly light sleep etc. Good local arm point for numbness, esp. with trembling.

Ht. 4                Jing River Metal point

«««                        Ling Dao            Spirit’s Path

Spirit is a reference to the effect of this point on the spirit and Path refers to the path for the Heart energy to travel.  (I&F)/(GTW)

esp. for fear and sadness (metal dryness within fire =Zang Zao dry organ syndrome =hysterical neurosis). Loss of voice (Jing River) tendon contraction (Jing River)

Physical Heart symptoms

The metal should be the temperature of the earth. If it is too cold, and inert there will be rigidity, arthritis, inability to bend hands, wrist, loss of sensation, inability to speak, fear, ice-cold feeling in bones. If too hot, cardiac pain, anxiety. (Wors.)

Ht. 5                Luo point

«««                        Tong Li  Communication’s Route            Connecting Li            Penetrating the Interior

Tong implies quick and clear thinking and communication reflecting this points function in enhancing mental acuity.   Communications’s Route refers to this point being a Luo connecting point of the H channel which communicates with the SI channel.  (I&F)  Tong Li can connote a return to one’s home village reflecting Ht-5 as the place where Qi returns to the home channel.  (GTW)

Calms the Spirit for emotional disorders (all yin Luo points can do this)  esp. speaking difficulties– stuttering, muteness (luo goes to root of tongue). Tonifies and Regulates heart Qi- milder sadness and depression, fatigue, chest pain, palpitations, rhythm disturbances. Clears Small Intestine Heat transferring to U.B.- cystitis etc. Clears heat from the eyes and head (luo channel), stops uterine bleeding (heart heat transfers to Uterus)

“Audacity point” Vertigo, palpitations, unhappiness, hysteria – all things that are seemingly coming from within the patient but with no physical deformities. (Wors.)

Ht. 6                Yin Xi             Yin’s Crevice                      Yin Cleft


Yin Cleft is the xi-cleft of the shao yin heart channel hence its name.  (GTW)

Xi Cleft point            stops night sweats, dry mouth, insomnia, by nourishing Heart Yin. Clears yin deficient heat to nourish Yin and Blood Deficiency- feverishness, mental restlessness, anxiety etc. Clears acute heart pain (xi cleft), (Pericardium Channel used more for this).

Ht. 7    Shu Stream Earth point (sedation point) and Yuan Source point


Shen Men            Spirit’s Gate

Spirit’s Gate refers to the function of this point to directly affect the spirit.  (I&F)

main point on the body to calm and regulate the Spirit. Can treat Qi, Blood, Yin or Yang deficiency of the Heart Zang (Shu stream and Yuan Source). Esp. for Heart Blood or Yin deficiency. Main point for Insomnia, nervousness, depression and anxiety and palpitations. Also U.B. connection, actual Heart Zang disorders etc.

“Courage point” First aid for shock, hysteria, electric shock, heart failure, anxiety. Stress, general weakness, dumbness, stuttering, no will to go on. (Wors.)

Ht. 8    IP            Ying Spring Fire Point

«««Shao Fu            Lesser Palace            Lesser Mansion

Lesser Mansion implies this is the home of the H channel since this is the fire point.  Lesser reminds us this is the Shao Yin channel.  (GTW)   Shao Fu is also a name for an official in charge of storage, referring to this point’s ability to harbor the Spirit.  (I&F)

Clears Heart Heat pouring downward– cystitis, urogenital symptoms(fire point), Clears any form of Heart heat but esp. Excess Heart Fire. Has more actual Heart Zang indications such as palpitations, chest pain etc. and less Spirit indications, except due to excess fire- mania, hypomania, excessive talking, severe depression, excessive dreaming, nightmares etc. It is a ‘harsher’ point than Ht. 7. Can unblock stagnant Qi.

Revitalizes the energy, poking up the fire, getting maximum benefit from what fire is available. Tremendous fear, fear of meeting people. Obtain knowledge to communicate with superior person. (Wors.)

Ht. 9    Jing Well Wood Point (tonification point)


Shao Chong             Lesser Rushing            Lesser Surge

Lesser in this case reflects the quantity of Qi at the end of the H channel where it quickly rushes into the interior.  (I&F)

similar to Ht. 8 in clearing excess Heat, but also clears Wind (Jing Well) so can revive from wind stroke, heart attack symptoms etc. (for Heart attack symptoms can bleed the point). Clears excess heat from the opposite ends of the Channel.-tongue , throat, mouth and eye swelling and pain from excess heat. Can also treat heart Qi deficiency (Wood is mother of fire).

Wood can increase or decrease fire by controlling amount of wood going into fire. Dreams of fear, dreams associated with fire or smoke. (Wors.)