Spleen Organ and Channel

Spleen – extended meaning from radicals of character: that organ of the body which is (like) a wine vessel.

from Su Wen 4


The center corresponds to Earth, it’s disease is at the Spleen

中央黄色, 入通於脾
The center corresponds to the yellow Color, it communicates with the Spleen

開竅於口 , 藏精於脾,
(it) opens to the mouth,   stores Jing (Essence) in the Spleen

its diseases are referred to the root of the tongue

其味甘 , 其類土
Among the flavors it corresponds to sweet, and it is classified with Earth

It corresponds to the Cow among Animals, to millet among the Grains

It’s reflected during the four seasons in Saturn above

(when) it knows illness it is at the Flesh

It corresponds to Gong among the tones, to five among the numbers, and to fragrant among the Odors

From Su Wen ch. 5

中央生濕   The Center gives rise to Damp

濕生土   Damp gives rise to Earth

土生甘   Earth gives rise to sweetness

甘生脾   Sweetness gives rise to the Spleen

脾生肉   The Spleen gives rise to the flesh

肉生肺   The flesh gives rise to the Lungs

脾主口   The Spleen rules the mouth

其在天為濕   in the the sky (Heaven), it is damp

在地為土   on Earth it is Soil

在體為肉   in the body it is flesh

在藏為脾   in the Zang it is the Spleen

在色為黃   in colors it is yellow

在音為宮   in sounds it is (the note) Gong

在聲為歌   in voice it is song

在變動為噦  in change-movements (?) it is belching

在竅為口   in orifices it is the mouth

在味為甘   in flavors it is sweet

在志為思   in intent it is thinking / pondering

思傷脾   pondering injures the spleen

怒勝思   anger / passion overcomes pondering

濕傷肉   damp injures the flesh

風勝濕   wind overcomes damp

甘傷肉   sweetness injures the flesh

酸勝甘   sourness overcomes sweetness

Su Wen 9 – 42


Spleen (and) Stomach, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, San Jiao, bladder are the root(s) of storage


they are / it (the spleen) is    the residence of the Ying,


named as vessels / receptacles for food / useful


(the Ying) enables the transformation of the dregs,  (it) turns (transforms) Flavor (Wei) and (Wei’s?)  entry and exit


The Spleen flowers in the four whites (area) of / around the lips


It fills up the muscles, it’s taste is sweet, it’s color is yellow


it (is) belongs to (is in the classification of ) extreme yin and communicates with (passes towards, interpenetrates) Earth Qi.


Therefore, the eleven Zang are controlled by the Gall Bladder.

Su Wen 22 – 1


Spleen rules long summer (indian summer, late summer),


rules (administers, cures, treats, makes orderly) the foot Tai Yin and Yang Ming        [the spleen and stomach channels]


It’s days (ten day Heavenly Stems cycle) are Wu and Ji            [the two days corresponding to Earth]


Spleen bitter damp (?)


urgently eat bitter and control (the damp) with dryness      [Some authorities think this should read  – ‘urgently eat salty and ….’]

Su Wen 22 – 4


Su Wen 22 – 10


Su Wen 22 – 14


Su Wen 69

歲木太過,風氣流行,脾土受邪    When the Year of Wood exceeds (the limit), Wind Qi blows / circulates (excessively) , Spleen  Earth receives the injury / evil

Ling Shu 78

脾王涎   The Spleen rules saliva
脾王吞     The Spleen rules swallowing

Su Wen 23, 78

久坐傷肉   Prolonged sitting injures the flesh

The Mother, the mothering archetype

The function of the endocrine pancreas: the impulse to feed babies, nurturing

the anabolic metabolism, Earth and weight gain , Expansion

Earth soaking up Water – damp, water retention, loss of boundaries, co-dependence, desire to nurture others, loss of center


Opening to the mouth: Overfeeding the inner child; candy, pasta and obesity

the five tastes

Centeredness and the Yi, the Yi and the Right Heart

Centrality and the Chong – containing the blood, boundary and the Chong/Dai interface

Inter-relationship to the anatomical spleen and the spleen chakra at Sp. 21 ‘Da Bao’

Unstoppable enthusiasm and the spleen Yang pulling upwards, the buoying up of the spirit, expressed via the Yang Qiao

Animal:, Ox in the six phase cycle, also cow and bison, elephant

Transformation and transportation

Digestion of experience/incoming food/information

Patience and long-suffering


12 Branches:   Sixth Branch:   Si  –  a fetus, an embryo
Fourth Station of the Cross:  Jesus meets his Mother

Tree of Life:  third branch on the left

His patience in maltreatment. On the sixth branch, the patience which he exhibited in bearing great insults and injuries
Six Phase Balance Animal:   Ox
Time:   9 AM to 1 1AM

Clock animal:  Snake

Opposite Time balance:  Triple Burner

Six Phase balance:   Tai Yin – Spleen to Tai Yang Small Intestine

Yin Yang Balance:  Tai Yin Spleen – Yang Ming Stomach

Only to the degree that a practitioner strives toward integrity and expresses gratitude for life through giving from a selfless motive

can they liberate the earth element in a patient.

Original Vitality   Yuanqi  元氣

Integrity   Xin  

Trust and Reliability   Xinshi  信實

Commitment   Zhi  

Blame   Yuan 

Spleen Channel Clearing Questions

How are you not letting yourself be  peaceful?

What emotional state do you crave?

Where in your life do you use pleasure to hide from pain?

How specifically is your energy moving away from the direction of consciousness?

Who do you Love?   Who do you not feel Love for?

What is it like to be completely silent right now?

What is not acceptable to you?

What do you have a problem with?

Who are you really?

Point Differentiation for the Foot Tai Yin Spleen Channel.

Legend:             IP =Important Point              has some function(s) or indication(s) that are clinically useful.
VIP = very important point            Has systemic functions that make the point central to the Channel.
VVIP = very, very important point                        Has systemic functions that render the point essential to the practice of acupuncture across multiple Channels and systems.

Functions of the Foot Tai Yin Spleen Channel:

Joins with the Intestines. Enters the spleen, Stomach and heart, connects with the Conception Channel, gall bladder, liver and lung Channel, passing to the lateral costal region, through the diaphragm, alongside the esophagus and to the tongue. Tonifies postnatal Qi, drains excess water and damp, (sp. 9) uplifts Spleen yang Qi in prolapse etc., restrains bleeding, opens the Chong extra-Channel (Sp.4), opens the three leg yin Channels (Sp. 6). Regulates the menses. Treats blood stagnation (sp. 10) and builds blood in blood deficiency (Sp. 6) . Tonifies Yin and Blood.(Sp. 6).  The Spleen Channel passes through five Mu points CV. 3 (UB), CV. 4 (SI), GB. 24 (GB), Liv.14 (Liv), Lu.1 (Lu).

Symptoms associated with the Foot Tai Yin Spleen Channel:

Heaviness in the whole body, fullness and oppression in the chest (Great Luo of Spleen) and head (damp), Qi deficient fever, fatigued limbs and emaciated muscles, weak joints, edema in the feet and legs, abdominal pain, distension, borborygmus, diarrhea, incomplete digestion of food, loss of appetite, (Spleen Qi deficiency), jaundice, constipation, diarrhea (damp heat), hernia and strain in the groin, genital pain, pain in the mid thoracic area, pain in the medial aspect of the ankle, knee and thigh (muscle channel), bunions, gout pain at big toe (course of Channel), bleeding problems- (Spleen not holding the blood) menstrual and uterine. Skin problems (damp)

Sp. 1                           Jing Well Wood Point, Ghost point.


Yin Bai                       Hidden White refers to this being a metal point which is white.  The Yin of Yin Bai may point to the fact that the SP belongs to the Tai Yin Channel.(GTW)

Hidden Clarity reflects this points ability to instill clarity of mind which correlates to the SP aspect of mind which is Yi. (I&F)

Sp. 1 Treats any kind of bleeding– esp. deficiency and excess uterine bleeding.

Sp. I is a Jing well point so it is used for mental problems-dream disturbed sleep, fullness below heart, convulsions from blood loss.

To increase concentration tonify as it cements the wood in the Earth (Wors.)

Rt. Side Protein metabolism, L. side Lymph glands of the Head and Thorax (Dr. Voll)

Sp. 2               Ying Spring Fire point, Tonification point
Da Du              Great Metropolis   Great Capital

Great Metropolis reflects it’s location of the Big toe and it’s importance as the fire point of the earth channel. (GTW)  Great Capital refers to this point as a gathering place for Qi, giving it great inflluence like the capital of a great country. (I&F)

Sp. 2 Clears excess damp – swelling of limbs, heaviness of body, chest oppression.

Sp. 2 Clears excess heat and  damp heat  vomiting, distention, constipation and diarrhea, fever. Lumbar pain. Also treats Damp Heat in the joints – rheumatoid arthritis etc.

Cannot stay in bed no matter how ill. (Wors.)

Sp. 3               Shu Stream Earth (horary point), Yuan Source Point            
Tai Bai              Great Brightness   Supreme White

Tai Bai is the name of the planet venus, which corresponds to metal.  It also signified the warrior who put down uprisings and regained peace which this point does via treatment of intial stage acute conditions of the LI. (I&F)  Venus is in the western sky which is related to metal and white.  (GTW)

Sp. 3 is the essential Spleen Channel point.

Sp. 3 Tonifies Spleen Qi deficiency to treat deficiency or excess symptoms- damp, damp heat and wind damp and Qi stagnation excess symptoms.

Sp. 3 treats the full range of digestive and intestinal problems with all symptoms arising from damp.

Sp. 3 is Mainly used for Digestive disorders. Not so much for blood disorders.

5 element- for lungs also. The name ‘Tai Bai’ Great White implies the Lung tonifying function of strengthening the Earth point of the Earth Channel (the mother of metal)

 Dr. Voll associates this point with sugar balance (L) and carbohydrate metabolism (R).

“Equilibrium and joy point.” Pancreas stimulation. Lowers need for insulin in diabetics. (don’t cut off insulin supply all at once) (Wors.)

Sp. 4               Luo point,
Confluent point of the Chong extra Channel.
Gong Sun              Ancestor and Descendant    Grandfather and Grandson

Ancestor and Descendant refers to this point’s confluence with the Chong Mai which is related to the source Qi that is passed on to the fetus by the parents.  Sun is also the name for the lesser connecting channels which reminds us that this point is a connecting point. of the SP channel.  -(I&F)   Gong Sun is the Yellow Emperor’s family name, who was very important to the “earth phase” of history.  Sp-4 is the luo point of the two earth organs indicating it’s importance to the earth aspect of the body.  -(GTW)

Grandfather and Grandson refers to the SP being the gpa and the St being the grandson.

Sp. 4 is the Luo point so it connects stomach and Spleen and treats symptoms of both, therefore treats middle and lower burner. In this connection it is normally paired with P.6, the confluent point of the Yin Wei Extra Channel. The two together connect the upper, middle and lower Jiao, moving stagnation of Qi and moving the Qi downwards.

Sp.4 is especially good for abdominal pain and menstrual pain.

In comparing Sp.4 and Sp.6, Sp.4 is not used as much for blood disorders, but rather Sp.4 powerfully moves the Qi.

Sp.4 as the confluent point of the Chong Mai Extra Channel treats the Uterus, heart, chest and spirit.  – with irregular menses, cardiac pain, etc.

One of the most beautiful points in the body. Everything in the future stems from this point, the supreme grandchild (of the Heart God) – communication with a higher being. (Wors.)

Sp. 5               Jing River Metal Point
Shang Qiu                 Metal’s Note Hill              Shang Hill

Hill refers to this points location on the upper dorsal aspect of the foot and Metal’s not refers to it’s classification in the metal phase.  (I&F)/(GTW)

Very Similar functions to Sp. 3.

ls often used for joints (Jing River) often used for excessive thinking (Earth for thinking and Metal for obsessing) and spirit disturbances (metal in earth) and for speech and the tongue (Channel goes to tongue plus Jing River-voice).

(Wors.) treats varicose veins and speeds the venous return.

Sp. 6               Meeting point of Spleen, Liver and Kidney Channels. 
San Yin Jiao              Three Yin Junction  Three Yin Intersection

This point is the intersection of the three yin channels.

Sp. 6  Tonifies the Yin and Blood of the whole body.

Sp. 6 Treats all Spleen imbalances. Tonifies the Spleen Qi in digestive deficiency. SP.6 supports the Spleen to form blood, to hold the blood and to drain dampand cleardamp heat.

Sp.6 Spreads Liver Qi and nourishes Liver Blood.

Sp.6 Tonifies kidney Qi.

Sp. 6 It is theMain gynecological, urological  and genital point. 

Sp. 6Harmonizes heart and Kidney (insomnia etc) and is a main point for neurasthenia, (normally Qi and Blood deficiency with concomitant Heart Qi and/or Yin deficiency. The patient is tired yet insomniac, miserable, exhausted and depressed.)

Sp.6 Cools the blood (gynecological and skin disorders).

Sp.6 is Primarily used to treat deficiency.

Sp.6 is a main point for the Lower Jiao (note that the muscle channel knots here ??? and the main channel passes through the inguinal region and unites with the Liver and Kidney Channels at CV. 3 and CV. 4.)

“Strengthener and calmer point” Stimulates suprarenal, pituitary, ovaries. For very deep depressions, person wants to run away. (Wors.)

Sp. 7
Lou Gu              Leaking Valley

Gu is a common substitute for the homophone that means grain.  If the SP Qi is not properly controlled, the essence can drain out resulting in emaciation and fatigue which SP-7 treats.   Valley refers to the location of this point in a longitudinal gully formed next to the calf muscle.  Leaking could also refer to the function of percolating damp from the SP.

As the name implies Sp.7 treats Spleen Qi deficiency with an emphasis on the Spleens function of containment. Treats wasting, undigested food in stools, diarrhea. Prolonged menses, spermatorrhea Loss of semen.

For people who eat without gaining weight. (It all “leaks”out) (Wors.)

Sp. 8               Xi Cleft point
Di Ji                Earth’s Mechanism   Earth’s Crux

Earth Mechanism refers to the function of regulation of the SP, and to its location on the lower portion of the body below the unbilicus corresponding to the earth phase.  (I&F)  Earth’s Crux refers to the importance of this point to treat diseases of the earth portion of the body. (SP-21 for the heaven aspect, ST-25 for the man aspect) (GTW)

treats blood stagnation (the xi cleft points of the Yin Channels often treat bleeding) gynecological conditions esp. with acute pain (xi cleft), lower abdominal excess conditions and weakness of the Jing essence.

If other points on the Sp channel don’t work as they should, try Sp 8. It shakes up the earth, forcing it to move, bulldozing it and turning it over. All pulses will change. (Wors.)

Sp. 9               He Sea Water point  
Yin Ling Quan  Yin Mound Spring

Yin Mound Spring refers to a deep and pure source of Yin energy at this point as well as its location in a depression between the posterior border of the tibia and the gastocnemius muscle.  (I&F)

Main point for regulating water and draining pathogenic damp. – treats edema, water retention, swelling, fatigue, diarrhea, leucorrhea, spermatorrhea etc.

Sp. .9 also treats damp heat and wind damp – treats skin problems, facial edema,  diarrhea, leucorrhea etc.

Sp. 9 has less action to strengthen digestive Qi.

Sp. 9 is especially used for lower Jiao conditions, but it can also can treat middle Jiao damp and Cold Damp.

Too much water in earth: Earth becomes thick and cloggy, not yielding. Mental craving for sympathy. Too little water in earth: dryness, hardness, bitterness. Person thinks they don’t need sympathy, lack of sympathy. (Wors.)

Sp. 10                                                
Xue Hai            Sea of Blood

Sea of Blood refers to this points role in regulation and distribution of blood and the treatment of menstrual irregularity, etc…(I&F), (GTW)

Especially for patterns of blood stagnation and excess blood heat gynecological and skin problems.

Sp. 10 most typically is used to treat bleeding with Excess Heat and often with Liver Yang Excess.

Sp. 10 also typically is used to treat Excess Blood Stagnation with stabbing, sharp and fixed pain.

Sp.10 has more Blood Heat than Sp. 8, more Excess Blood Stagnation than Sp. 6.

There is an Extra point 1 cun proximal to Sp. 10 on the same Channel called Bai Chong Wo that is a major point for Blood Heat Skin Disorders.

When there’s no life, no blood, no energy. Consider this point with anything assoc. with the blood itself. Revitalizes, reenergizes, reawakens.  For coldness on the mental level – rejection, withdrawal. (Wors.).

Ji Men              Winnower Gate

Local indications only

Chong Men             Surging Gate/Penetrating Gate

Local indications only, caution here as the femoral nerve, artery and vein low in proximity

Fu She              Bowel Abode

Su Jie              Abdominal Bind

Sp. 15  
«««Da Heng  Great Horizontal              Great Transverse

Great Transverse refers to this point’s location at the intersection of the transverse line through the unbilicus and the vertical line through the nipple.  In addition, the name and location of this point above the LI  suggests a relationship between this point and its neighboring Organ.  (I&F)

The name may also be considered a reference to the large horizontal crease on which the point is located. (GTW)

like St. 25 regulates intestines- especially used for constipation–  also sadness and weeping (LI. yang metal).

Fu Ai                        Abdominal Lament

Shi Dou            Food Hole

Tian Xi            Celestial Ravine

Xiong Xiang  Chest Village

Zhou Rong            All-Round Flourishing

Sp. 21             Great Luo of Spleen
Da Bao            Great Embracement  Great Wrapping

From this point Blood and nutritive Qi are distributed and regulated..These substances envelop the body. The original character for Bao meant a fetus in a womb, which supports the idea of the nurturing and enveloping nature of this point.  (I&F)   This point is the luo point of the great connecting channel of the SP.   Da is a reference to this connecting channel, which deperses over the chest, thus embracing the body in a net.

Pain in the whole body (blood stagnation), flaccidity of the joints (blood deficiency).

Point Differentiation for the Hand Shao Yin Heart Channel.

Legend:             IP =Important Point              Has some function(s) or indication(s) that are clinically useful.
VIP = very important point            Has systemic functions that make the point central to the Channel.
VVIP = very, very important point                        Has systemic functions that render the point essential to the practice of acupuncture across multiple Channels and systems.