««« = Important Point has some function(s) or indication(s) that are clinically useful.
«««« = very important point has systemic functions that make the point central to the Channel.
««««« = very, very important point has systemic functions that render the point essential to the practice of acupuncture across multiple Channels and systems.

Functions of and symptoms treated by the Hand Tai Yang Small Intestine Channel

The Small Intestine Channel treats almost no small intestine or digestive problems (except S.I.4 and 8)!

Most of the indications of the points are for clearing heat and wind heat from the ears, eyes, nose, throat, submandibular glands, chest and breast.

The Hand Tai Yang Small Intestine channel connects to the Heart, the posterior aspect of the shoulder, the scapula, the axilla, the breasts, the neck, jaw, sub-mandibular glands, mastoid process, teeth, tongue, nose, cheeks, eyes and ears.

The Hand Tai Yang Small Intestine channel clears wind, wind heat and wind damp from the shoulder, neck, scapula and the course of the channel with , localized stiffness and swelling.

The  Small Intestine is associated with fire, esp. yang fire, so many points can clear Heart fire (as it is the associated organ)  to treat mania (S.I. 3,5,7).

Hand Tai Yang Small Intestine channelpoints also clear Tai Yang level external pathogenic heat from the channel.- e.g. Wind Heat or toxic Heat affecting the throat, eyes, nose etc. ( S.I.1-6)

Some points on the Hand Tai Yang Small Intestine channelcan help to clear fever- esp. malarial fever.( S.I. 1,2,3,4)

The Hand Tai Yang Small Intestine channelis Tai Yang, the phase associated with the back. The confluent point for the Governor vessel channel is at S.I.3. consequently  points on the S.I. channel (esp. S.I. 3,and 6) can move Qi in the entire back, neck and shoulder region.

Some points on the Hand Tai Yang Small Intestine channelcan treat breast disorders and lateral costal region symptoms. (S.I. 1,2 treat the breast distally and S.I. 11 treats the breast through the scapular reflex).

S.I.1                Jing Well Metal point
Shao Ze            Young Marsh             Lesser Marsh

Young Marsh refers to the point’s location, where the Qi gathers like a marsh.  It also refers to the function of moistening dryness and clearing heat. (I&F)  Shoa can mean little which reflects this points location on the little finger.  It can also refer to it’s location on the shao yin channel. -(GTW)

clears heat and wind heat and blocked Qi from other end of Channel, ears, eyes. Esp. used for the Breasts and chest. SI. 1 is one of the most important points for mastitis and insufficient lactation. SI. 1, like many distal SI Channel points can treat wry neck (torticollis) (Jing Well point function – can bleed it for SI Channel scapula and neck pain).

S.I.2                Ying Spring Water Point
Qian Gu            Forward Valley            Front Valley

Forward Valley refers to this point’s location in a depression distal to the metacarpophalangeal joint.  (I&F)/(GTW)

Clears heat and wind heat from the ears, eyes, nose, throat, submandibular glands, chest. Clears wind and wind heat and winddamp with stiffness and swelling etc. locally and from the shoulder, neck, scapula and the course of the Channel. Can treat Heart Fire pouring down to the Small Intestine causing burning urination. (Ying Spring points clear Heat)

This point affects all secretions, balances inner secretions. (Wors.)

S.I.3                Shu Stream wood point
Confluent point of the Governor vessel. 
Hou Xi            Back Stream                        Back Ravine

Back Stream refers to the nature of the Qi here like a stream and it’s location in back of metacarpoph. Joint.  Back also can refer to this point’s influence on the governing vessel as the confluent point.  (I&F) /(GTW)

The primary use of SI. 3 is for Neck pain and stiffness.

As the confluent point of the Governor vessel SI. 3 is considered to open the flow of Qi in the spine. It is especially used for structural and musculoskeletal problems of the back, neck and shoulder.

SI. 3 as the Confluent point of the Governor Vessel has Yang Qi tonifying effect, used to increase vitality and energy flow to the head.

SI. 3 is also used to clear Wind and Damp in any joint problem. For this it is often combined with UB. 62, the Confluent point of the Yang Qiao extra-Channel. (also treating the joints is a Shu stream point function).

SI. 3 treats muscle spasms. (The Tai Yang Channels are often used to treat muscle spasms).

SI. 3 is used a lot for headaches, especially occipital and neck tension headaches.

SI. 3 also clears External Wind, Heat and Internal Wind to treat fever, night sweats, tidal and malarial fevers, epilepsy and seizures.

“Vitality point”. When used with UB 62 (needle first), causes a release of ACTH and sex hormones. (Wors.)

S.I.4                Yuan Source point
Wan Gu            Wrist Bone

Wrist Bone refers to the points location and area of influence.

Local action plus swelling at neck, cheek, submandibular. Tinnitus. Middle Jiao problems (jaundice, diabetes,  vomiting, lateral costal pain) Often combined with Liv. 3 to treat jaundice.

S.I.5                Jing River Fire point
Yang Gu            Yang Valley

Yang Valley refers to the location of this point in a depression and on the Yang region of the hand.

clears heat from eyes, ears, jaw and Heart Spirit.

Very painful hemorrhoids, varicose veins. (Wors.)

S.I.6                Xi cleft point
Yang Lao            Supporting the Old                        Nursing the Aged

In old age wrist joints are often stiff and painful,  SI-6 is used to prevent or cure this ailment as well as other problems of the elderly.  (GTW)/(I&F)

The name of this point indicates its dual function – on the one hand Clearing Wind Damp Bi pain esp. for acute shoulder, back and scapula stiffness and pain. Also acute lower back strain, and on the other hand tonifying Liver and Kidney Yin to  treat chronic contraction of the Sinews and sore and dry eyes and diminished vision. (These two entities are commonly seen together in elderly patients).

Use for complete lethargy, paralysis, arms feel broken or breaking. (Wors.)

S.I.7                Luo point
Zhi Zheng            Branch to the Correct            Branch from the Main

This is the exit point from the main channel to the connecting channel.  (I&F)

Correct is used to indicate the Heart (GTW)

The Transverse Luo connects to the heart Channel and Luo points often treat the Shen-Spirit, hence this point is most commonly used when there is a combination of SI Channel symptoms with Shen Spirit disturbance.

SI. 7 treats finger, wrist, forearm and elbow pain. Neck and back pain from wind invasion.  Eye symptoms.

SI. 7 calms the Heart Spirit and wakes the Spirit from depression.

Lack of fire. Lack of separation and secretion. Activates thyroid. Summons aid from heart. (Wors.)

S.I.8                He Sea Earth Point
Xiao Hai            Small Sea

Small Sea refers to classification of this point as  He sea.  This point is directly opposite the Lesser Sea(Ht-3)

used for local and shoulder symptoms, epilepsy, trembling and chronic elbow pain. Also treats swelling anywhere on the Channel (He Sea function) and to calm the Heart Spirit.

SI 9                 Jian Zhen
True Shoulder            Shoulder Integrity

S.I.10              Yang Qiao and Yang Wei crossing point
Nao Shu             Upper Arm Shu            Scapula’s Hollow

Upper Arm Shu reflects the locaiton and area of influence for this point.  (GTW)

Used for shoulder problems a lot. For tingling down the arms. (R. Tan)

For opposite GB. 30 area pain

S.I.11              shoulder and breast.
Tian Zong            Heaven’s Worship            Celestial Gathering

Heaven’s Worship refers to the constellation of points positioned reltively equadistant around this point and to this point’s influence on them.  (I&F)  Zong could be considered a reference to ancestral Qi which this point treats.  (GTW)

Called the Breast Shu point. Also used for PMS.

S.I.16            Tian Chuang            Window of Heaven            Celestial Window
S.I.17            Tian Rong             Heaven’s Reception Celestial Countenance, throat problems.
SI-18            Quan Liao            Cheek Bone Crevice
SI-19            Ting Gong            Palace of Hearing

Small Intestine Channel

  • – Meekness, mildness, the receiver, receptivity – organ function
  • – Light infused – from the Heart channel – the channel function
  • – Extroverted Love from introverted feeling– extending affection, receiving affection from others, humor, happiness
  • – The negative attributes of neediness, clinging, dependant, feeling easily rejected
  • – Sensitivity.  Self-sacrifice. The archetype of purity –  The maiden archetype
  • – Separation of Pure from impure  –  ‘Fen Bie Qing Zhuo’  分 別 清 濁
  •  – ‘Shou Cheng’  受 盛  – transmuting and passing on thriving substances, thriving and abundance, well nourished – or ‘containing prosperity’.
  • – ‘Hua Wu’   化 物  – valued and transformed substances are produced and issued forth 出 焉
  • – The Small Intestine provides essential substances ‘Jing Wei Zhi Wu’ 精 微 之 物   – (according to Wang Ju Yi)
  • – The ‘clear’  清   from the Small Intestine is passed up to the Spleen and then absorbed into the blood as Ying Qi and then sent to the Heart.
  • – This is the ‘Hua Chi’ 化 赤   ‘Transformation to Red’ function mentioned in Ling Shu 81. Hence ‘Hua Chi Wei Xue’ 化 赤 維 血 The Small Intestine transforms to Red and maintains (supports)  the blood.
  • – Small Intestine activates the fire in the blood
  • – Small Intestine produces Ye   液   – thicker fluids from the ‘Zhuo’ transformation. Relationship to glandular secretions
  • – In the afflictive psychological state Small Intestine is scattered and indiscriminate. This reminds us of leaky gut syndrome.
  • – Confusion/sorting- when one is unable to sort their thoughts, and has confused energy, all over the place.  The Small Intestine is described as ‘Separating and Classifying’  Fen Lei  分 類
  • – Small Intestine sends water to the kidney and ‘down’ to the bladder
  • – Small Intestine sends turbid fluids ‘down’ to the Large Intestine
  • -12 Animal cycle: Sheep / Goat
  • – Branch: You         an amphora for fermenting spirits
  • – Time: 1 PM to 3 PM
  • – Sixth Station of the Cross: Veronica wipes Jesus’ face with her veil
  • – Tree of Life  –  fifth branch on the left

You – S.I.         On the tenth branch, the sublimation of his ascension, pouring forth spiritual charisms. The spiritual heights of his ascension.

Small Intestine Channel Clearing Questions

  • – What is the role of celebration and play in your life?
  • – Who is your family?
  • – What won’t you let yourself feel?
  • – What is your relationship to receiving assistance?
  • – Who are the angels?
  • – What do you habitually do which blocks Joy?
  • – What kinds of people do you despise or have difficulty recognizing your oneness with? – what about them do you not want to understand in yourself?