How I Teach

The classes and seminars are divided between Qigong, lecture, guided meditation specific to the subject, demonstration of clinical applications and hands-on practice of clinical skills in a clinical setting.

I have found that this multi-sensorial and levels-of-consciousness approach is the best method of teaching the depth of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I have noticed that learning Chinese medicine is a spiral process; you may pass by the same material many times, at each pass integrating more.

Audio copies of the lectures will be available to participants.

It probably takes more than one lifetime to really master acupuncture!

…but acupuncture is not a 9-5 ‘job’! It is a calling, it is an aspiration. Basically you cannot really ‘get’ the full depth of healing available in acupuncture by remaining within the confines ofSacred Acupundture Seminars your comfort zone or your ego. On the other hand, if you make the effort to really ‘get’ acupuncture you will probably continue in practice until you die, because it is so fascinating, because it is a path, because you will most probably have great health, and find tremendous enjoyment in your work, and because your work will be so helpful to others.

Sacred Acupuncture Seminars are designed to pass on a more comprehensive view of acupuncture, to teach specific clinical skills, to instill specific Qi-cultivation practices, and to empower working with the Shen and the Spiritual realms in the context of a modern acupuncture practice.

What acupuncturists are saying about sacred acupuncture seminars:

“Dr. Atman was wonderful, he really shows how all the esoteric aspects of practice are readily accessible in a practical clinical setting”
“Exceeded all stated objectives…demonstrated a vast wealth of knowledge”
“Loves his work and conveys his excellent teacher”
“One of the best CEU courses I’ve taken in a long time”
“An expert on Chi Medicine”
“Loved the Qigong and practical aspects of the seminar, lecture was great too”
“I feel very fortunate to have found this course”

Comments about the Shen Seminars:

“This was the most informative, most interesting and most beneficial C.E.U. class that I have ever taken. Thank you!’
“This course was exactly what I was looking for. It reinvigorated my connection with TCM and re-inspired me to focus on the aspects of TCM that I resonate with”
“I now have a wealth of tools and knowledge to treat my patients more effectively on a Shen level”
“thank you! This was a fantastic, very interesting course that far exceeded my expectations”
“Adam Atman has a depth of information that connects all the dots.. he was an amazing instructor. He has incorporated Qi Gong, visualization, palpation / massage, needling…”
All Quotes are from California State Board CEU evaluations, by acupuncturists who took my seminars in the last two years.

From the acupuncturists at the Seven Day Course in England 2010:

“I would Recommend this Course to the whole World”
“I would Recommend that all acupuncturists looking to become better practitioners take this course”
“Adam was incredibly knowledgeable and such an asset to our profession as a whole”
“It was a course I feel all practitioners should take”
“Adam is a fantastic teacher…he took complexity and helped it make sense to me”
“Adam is the rare and unique combination of brilliance and generosity; His desire to share his knowledge and understanding is both inspiring and energizing, and I feel very lucky to have spent this time with him…”