Metal occurs in a Yin and Yang organ form in each of the three Dan-Tian. For the Yang organ forms see the Large Intestine channel

Metal Yin upper Dan-Tian:

anterior pituitary

sixth chakra: control of the body-mind: endorphins – (unifying vibration of well-being to every cell)

Fifth chakra: Control of the thyroid (speed of incarnative fulfillment, (TSH)

Fourth chakra: Prolactin – control of the breasts: (expression of Love)

Third chakra: control of the of the body entire via the liver: (Growth hormone – IGF I)

Second chakra: control of the adrenal cortex via ACTH to control the kidneys via aldosterone and cortisol – the Water forces

Sex center: control of ovulation and testosterone LH – party on! – libido

First chakra: control the generation of the sperm and egg: FSH – reproduction

from the pars intermedia: MSH: skin boundary protection–, prevention of radiation damage. In the brain: sexual arousal, appetite, anti-radiation, anti-heavy metal, anti-toxin, doperminergic

Metal Yin middle Dan-Tian:

alveoli of lungs 70-90 square meter surface area

delicate canopy (hua Gai ??)

lustrous growth (  Fei ?)

surfactant – Metal / Water interface

oxygen and carbon dioxide

Metal Yin lower Dan-Tian:

sacrum energy center and CV. 4 Guan Yuan.

The form generating consciousness of the sacrum and the skeletal structure

The inter-relationship between the thyroid and  parathyroids, GV. 13 and 14, U.B. 11 and the sacrum energy center

P’o, instinctive intelligences accessed by ancestor energies, the Zong.

therefore righteousness, justice, self- control, Metal personality attributes

Innocence and purity

crystallization of oxygen transport –specificity, detail, exactness

Expansion and inspiration, the white purity archetype.

Passing the Qi downwards and outwards – the journey to physical incarnation

The Yin and Yang aspect of the lungs are ‘Xiang Fu’ this means the minister (he who sees with the force of Wood literally a consciousness of the Ling level– the minister) and the ‘chancellor’ (the one responsible for issuing rules and upholding laws – literally the man who holds the stick – i.e. the father or an authority who controls the vessel for the offerings to the ancestors, his hand which has a broad spread, this kind of man, as emphasized by the initial man radical)

The lungs ‘Zhi Jie’ – they manage the knotting intersections of the Jing Luo,  ch. 8 Nei Jing Su Sen

Spacy, non-grounded, weak body

cerebral, judgmental, non-emotive, nerd / geek, hoarding, over-intellectual

suppressed grief and breath suppression (Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork etc)

Metal In extreme imbalance: Prejudice, hatred, sadism (Yves Requena, Terrains and Pathology in Acupuncture)

skin and body hair

Ancestor pain and home-sickness, existential sadness, melancholy

Animal: Rat

Branch: Zi – the baby

Time: 3 AM to 5 AM

Station of the Cross: First:  Jesus is condemned to Death

Tree of Life  – first branch on the right

Zi – Lu. – His distinguished Origin, His illustrious ancestry – His Mother. On the first branch the soul devoted to Christ perceives the flavor of sweetness, by recalling the distinguished origin and sweet birth of the Savior.

Only to the degree that a practitioner is transparent (there is nowhere in his or her life they would mind others looking) and has renounced the right to take things personally can they liberate the metal element in a patient. – Lonny Garrett

Wang Feng Yi :

Original Affectivity Yuan Qing??

Selflessness Yi ?

Radiance of Sound and Light Xiang Liang  ??

Discernment Bie  ?

Judgmental  Nao ?

Clearing Questions

What part of you is innocent?

What are you judging?

What ideal are you attached to?

What specifically are you afraid of experiencing?

What are you withholding yourself from?

What or who do you feel unequal with?

What lie are you perpetrating?

How specifically do you see yourself as not able to handle things?
– What are you not able or willing to handle?

What is your relationship to Justice?

How are you trying to be perfect?

What are you attached to?

What tires you out?

When are you not truthful?

What do you do that is out of alignment with your highest good?

How might you be out of balance?

What emotion do you resist feeling the most?

Do you resist some aspect of your body or being in a body?

What pattern of thinking do you need to let go of?

How are you not present in your life?

What area of your life is not organized?

The Hand Tai Yin Lung Channel connects to the Lungs, respiratory tract and sinuses.

Points which treat the Lungs themselves are Lu.1, Lu. 5 and Lu. 9.

The Hand Tai Yin Lung Channel has a special range of action on the nose (Lu. 6, Lu. 7)and throat (Lu. 7, Lu. 10)

The Lungs control the opening and closing of the pores of the skin (i.e. sweating) so points on the Channel can treat fevers (LU. 10 Lu. 11) and are the upper source of water – as such points on the Hand Tai Yin Lung Channel may be used to descend fluids (primarily Lu. 7) and promote the Yin of the body (Lu. 9 and Lu. 7 with K. 6).

Lu. 3, Lu. 7, Lu.9, Lu. 10 and Lu. 11 can all treat different psycho-emotional disorders.

Lung  1

Zhong Fu

Front Mu point


Central Palace  Middle Palace  Central Residence  Middle Storehouse

Central Treasury

Ying Shu – Pectoral Shu point

Fu Zhong Shu – middle palace Shu point

Fei Mu – Lung Mu point

Central Palace refers to this points function as an administrative center for the lungs which can indicate or affect an organs conditions. -(I&F)

Central Treasury is the intersection point of the LU and SP and reflects the lung’s relationship to the SP and ST as a treasury for center Qi.  Center Qi resides in the chest and refers to the SP function of  extracting Gu Qi and sending it to the lung to make Zhen Qi . -(GTW) 


For excess and fullness in the chest. Treats coughing with retention of phlegm in the Lungs (meeting point of the Tai Yin – Lung and Spleen Channel crossing point).

Lu.1 treats Lung organ problems.

Lu. 1 is mainly used for acute symptoms.

Works well for asthma and chronic bronchitis.

Fullness of chest, every type of lung disorder, insomnia, mental disorders. (Wors.)

Lung 2


Yun Men

Cloud gate  Cloud’s Door    Gate of Clouds

Cloud Gate refers to clouds giving rain and nourishment to earth since the LU distributes fluids throughout the body, also the fluids in the upper body are described as a fog or mist. -(GTW)

Cough, chest pain, asthma

patient feels as if in a cloud they cannot see through- eye problems (Wors) cannot adduct the arm (GM)


Lung 3     Window of Heaven point 


Tian Fu

Palace of Heaven  Heaven’s Residence  Heavenly Mansion  Heavenly Store house

Celestial Storehouse- the LU receives Qi from the earth and nourishes the body just as a storehouse receives food from the land and nourishes the people -(GTW)

Window of Heaven point therefore mental symptoms.- wailing, ghost talk.

Lu. 3 has some bleeding indications- nosebleed.

Lu. 3 also treats swelling of the throat.

person feels withdrawn, unable to let go of old fears (JR)

depression, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, confusion, forgetfulness  ( GM)

 food sticks in throat, person loves to lie down, severe depression, confusion, difficulty speaking, won’t speak, or speaks to himself  (Wors.)

First aid: carbon monoxide poisoning (Wors.)

Lung 4


Xia Bai

White Knight    Clasping the White    Pure White    Guarding/Pinched White

Chivalry White    Narrow White    Gallantry White, White of the biceps

Guarding/Pinched White refers to protecting the LU and also it’s location as being ‘pinched’ between the red and white skin. -(GTW) 

Opens chest, for sighing, constricted breathing, diaphragm constricted. (Jap. Acu.)

nausea, excessive perspiration; skin white and red, mottled and dry;  (Wors.)

arthritis and rheumatism causing red joints (Wors.)

Lung 5   He-Sea point      Water point (Sedation point)


Chi Ze

Cubit Marsh,  Foot Marsh,   Outside Marsh,    Foot Swamp

Cubit Marsh- cubit refers to the location as one cubit from the hand pulse and Marsh refers to its five phase designation as the water point((GTW)) 

The manner the Qi spreads out and slows down before continuing on.((I&F))  


Lu. 5 Treats heat. It is a He sea point so relates to a deeper level of injury so treats Excess Lung Heat– cough, asthma, spitting and coughing blood, vomiting Blood-

Lu. 5 also treats Excess Lung Cold – cough with copious sputum, shivering, coldness of the shoulder and arm etc.

Lu. 5 is a Water point so it can treat blockage of water – enuresis, urinary retention, etc.

as a  Water point it also treats excess phlegm.(too much water) as well as Yin deficient cough (not enough water)– tidal fever, dry mouth and tongue, sore throat, sneezing etc.

Lu. 5 Can treat back pain and knee pain. (Channel theory- upstairs-downstairs looks like UB. 40)

Too much Water in the Lungs – the patient feels bogged down, drowning, head full of water, pulmonary edema, weak bladder, pleurisy.

Too little water in the Lungs – the patient feels parched, bone dry inside, rigidity and spasms of the spine  (Wors.)

Rheumatism of throat and neck (Wors.)

Lung 6    Xi cleft point


Kong Zui

Maximum Opening,  Extreme Hole,  Supreme Hole,  Collection Hole, Extreme Aperture

Extreme Aperture- refers to the location where the channel Qi                       

gathers and becomes excessive. (I&F)

Collection Hole – Collection refers to the points ability to collect Qi and blood while  Hole refers to the point’s ability to treat the mouth and throat. (GTW)


Lu. 6 Treats severe excess and acute symptoms, often with pain (Xi cleft points treat severe and excess symptoms). e.g. heat plus bleeding- (Xi cleft points on Yin Channels often treat bleeding), with such symptoms as coughing, spitting or vomiting blood, severe cough with chest pain and acute asthma. (phlegm heat trapped in lungs).

Lu. 6 can treat acute Articular problems along the course of the Channel.

Lu. 6 can also treatbleeding hemorrhoids(there are two extra points

‘Er Bai’ in the reaction Zone of Lung 6)

(Wors.) excellent for fear, tension headache and shoulder and elbow problems; high fever and persistent cough.. 

Lung 7     Luo Connecting point 

?????   Confluent point of the Conception Vessel.

Lie Que

Broken Sequence,  Eminent Vacancy,  Listing deficiency, Balancing Deficiencies,  Listening Deficiencies,  Displaced Creek

Narrow Defile,  Arranged Vacancies

Broken Sequence suggest an interrupointion in Qi flow where the connecting channel splits to join LI 4. – (I&F) 

It also denotes an ancient expression for lightning hence Ma Dan Ying’s descripointion as a “”thunderhead spitting fire” which refers to the nature of Qi here. -(GTW)


As a Luo point Lu. 7 connects to the paired yang Channel (LI. Channel) hence it is used for more external and surface problems e.g. Expels Wind, releases Wei Qi andtreats most symptoms of the common cold, sore throat and cough.

Lu. 7 is the Confluent point of the Conception vessel therefore promotes diuresis, and promotes dispersing function of the lung and treats facial edema.

Lu. 7 can indirectly tonify the Qi. (often paired with K.6 to tonify Qi and Yin of the whole body and to harmonize the Lung and Kidney).

Lu. 7 can course the Qi of the entire Head and neck, esp. in External Invasion. It is listed as one of the Master points or controlling points of the face and head.

Lu. 7 can treat the Shen. (this is a function of the Luo points of the Yin Channels)

Lu. 7 dispels Cold more than Heat Lu. 7 esp. works on mouth and face.

Treats anal sadistic tendencies and raging madness (Y.R.) 

Worry, grief, sadness, keep problems inside- stimulates release through 

weeping (G.M.) 

Lu. 7 Affects a release of sexual hormones (coupled with K.6 as extra Channel pair)Lu. 7 treats constipation, retention of poisons and toxins, excessive perspiration, swelling, edema, heavy mucous, hemorrhoids and varicose veins, male genital problems, migraine, spinal disorders (Wors.) (a pathway of the Ren Channel travels up spine). 

Similar to Sp. 21 in that Lu. 7 is a special acting Luo-connecting point that affects all Luo-connecting points. Keeps balance between all officials, so can treat almost anything from this point (Wors.) 

Middle of palms always hot and painful on pressure (remember the longitudinal luo flows from this point down to spread across the thenar eminence).

Lung  8  Jing River point.  Metal Point  (Horary point)


Jing Qu

Channel Gutter, Channel Canal, Flowing Gutter, Regulating Drain,  Passing Ditch

Passing Ditch refers to the Qi flow which is passing through a ditch. -(I&F)

Lu. 8 Moves Qi in Channel. It treats coughing, asthma and dyspnea (Jing River point function)

Miriam Lee- dull sounding cough or voice (Jing River point function)

The name of Lu. 8 is ‘Channel gutter’ so it carries away poisons, and revitalizes body and mind (Wors.) When Heat and cold are out of proportion on the body surface. (Wors.) 

Special point for the Larynx (Dr. Voll) 

Frequent yawning.  

More used in five element traditions. Frequently used in Japanese acupuncture to tonify the Lungs as it is the horary point.

Lung 9   Shu Stream point   Earth point    (Tonification point)

????    Yuan Source Point 

               Influential point of the Blood Vessels 

Tai Yuan

Great Abyss,  Supreme Abyss,  Maximum Whirlpool,  Extreme Abyss,   Bigger Abyss

Great Abyss refers to the Qi that dives deeply here like the pulse. ((I&F)). 

This Point is the Source point and the Influential Point thus the Qi here is plentiful and deep like an abyss.((GTW)) 



Lu. 9 is an Earth point and therefore the tonification point for the Channel. As such it Treats deficiency of Lung Qi and Lung Yin.

Lu. 9 is also the Yuan Source point this again stresses its ability to treat deficiency.

Lu. 9 tonifies the Qi of lung and so treats phlegm from deficiency, fatigue etc

Lu. 9 is the influential point of the vessels so treats blood, heart and blood vessel problems and can be a revival point.

First Aid: asphyxia, collapse, poisoning, concussion. For complete lack of order, chaos, when pulses are not rhythmical or regular. (Wors.)

Hemorrhage, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, (effect on Blood from mother Earth feeding Son Metal). cold hands and feet, insomnia, radiation poisoning, (Wors.) 

Wickedness and hatred. Impulse to say wounding things and speak evil of others (Y.R.) 

Insomnia (Dr. So) 

Pain in the upper back (D.L.) 

Can clear Lung and Liver Heat where Liver Heat invades the Lungs (G.M.) Tonifies the Zong Qi (G.M.)

Lung 10   Ying Spring point    Fire Point 


Yu Ji

Fish Border,  Fish Line,   Fish region,   Fish Welfare

Fish Border refers to the shape of the thenar eminence and the border of the red and white skin. -(I&F), (GTW)


Lu. 10 is the Fire point, therefore it treats excess heat– with Fever, asthma, coughing blood etc. It can be bled to treat febrile agitation and delirium.

Lu. 10 can also treat sore throat, laryngitis, pharyngitis from deficiency heat (that is it treats the Excess symptoms of an underlying deficiency).

Lu. 10 can clear Lung Heat transferred to the stomach and heart.- , vomiting blood, abdominal pain and inability to eat.

All skin disorders. All congestion physical or mental (coagulation is lack of Fire)- Rigid patients who  need warmth. Vertigo, Great thirst (Wors.) 

Stimulates lymphatic drainage of the eye. 

Coughing with pain in the sacrum (Jap. Acu. close to extra point for the

 Kidney Yang) 

Genital itching, breast abscess, lacrimation (M.of A.)

Lung 11    Jing Well point     Wood Point      Ghost point


Shao Shang

Lesser Shang,  Lesser Merchant,  Lowest Note,  Lesser Metal’s Note

Lesser Metal,  Yang Merchant

Lesser Metal’s Note. lesser refers to the reduced Qi at the distal part of the channel and metal’s note indicates the metal association with the lung. ((I&F), (GTW))

Lu. 11 clears excess Heat  it is a Jing Well Point, therefore for acute, excess and emergency symptoms. As such it is a main point for tonsillitis, parotitis and sore throat in acute and excess conditions, for which it is bled. It can be bled for febrile convulsions.

Lu. 11 Dispels Internal Wind.- so for Stroke, fainting, psychosis etc. Can be bled for blockage of Qi in Channel causing musculoskeletal symptoms (any Jing Well point can be bled to clear Qi blockage giving rise to musculo-skeletal symptoms).

Best point for high fever in children-bleed, meningitis, Inability to perspire (Wors.) 

Can also be bled for acute skin conditions with heat (J.R.)